b'Citrus fruitscities are entered under Municipal Cities and townsPlanninggovernment. General materials on Use: City planninglocal government other than that of Cities and townsUnited Statescities are entered under Local Dewey: 307.760973; 973government. Use For: United StatesCities and townsUse For: Municipalities; Towns; Urban areasSee Also: names of individual cities and towns Cities and towns, Movement to[to be added as needed] Use: Cities and townsGrowthBroader Term(s): Sociology UrbanizationNarrower Term(s):Capitals (Cities) Cities, ImaginaryCity and town life Use: Geographical mythsExtinct citiesInner cities Citizen participationMarkets Use: Political participationMunicipal artParks Citizens defenderStreets Use: OmbudsmanUrban ecology Citizens band radioUrbanization Dewey: 384.5; 621.3845Villages Use For: CB radio; Citizens radio serviceRelated Term(s): Urban sociology Broader Term(s): Shortwave radioCities and townsCanada Citizens radio serviceDewey: 307.760971; 971 Use: Citizens band radioScope Note: The subdivisions under Vancouver(B.C.) may be used under the name Citizenshipof any city or town. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: CanadaCities and towns; Towns Dewey: 172; 323.6 Canada Use For: Civics; Franchise; NationalityBroader Term(s): Municipal governmentCanada (Citizenship)Cities and townsCivic improvement Broader Term(s): Constitutional lawGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Political ethicsDewey: 307.3; 354.3 Political scienceUse For: Civic improvement; Municipal Narrower Term(s):Patriotismimprovements SuffrageNarrower Term(s):City planning Related Term(s): NaturalizationCommunity centers NoncitizensCities and townsFinance CitizenshipCanadaUse: Municipal finance Dewey: 172; 323.6Use For: Canadian citizenshipCities and townsGovernment CitrusUse: Municipal government Use: Citrus fruitsCities and townsGrowth Citrus fruitGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Citrus fruitsDewey: 307.76Use For: Cities and towns, Movement to; Citrus fruitsUrban development Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Internal migration Dewey: 634Population Scope Note: Names of particular fruits may beNarrower Term(s):Metropolitan areas used for either the fruit or the tree.Suburbs Use For: Citrus; Citrus fruitRelated Term(s): Urbanization See Also: types of citrus fruits, e.g. LemonsCities and townsLighting [to be added as needed]Use: StreetsLighting Broader Term(s): FruitNarrower Term(s):Lemons211'