b'Civil rightsPolitical science Hydraulic engineeringCivil defense Lunar basesMarine engineeringGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Mechanical engineeringDewey: 363.35 Military engineeringScope Note: Use for materials on the protection Mining engineeringof civilians from enemy attack. Public worksMaterials on military defenses Railroad engineeringagainst air attack are entered under Reclamation of landAir defenses. RoadsUse For: Civilian defense StreetsSee Also: names of wars with the subdivision Structural engineeringEvacuation of civilians [to be added Structural steelas needed] SurveyingBroader Term(s): Military art and science TunnelsNarrower Term(s):Air raid shelters WallsEvacuation of civilians Water supply engineeringRescue workSurvival skills Civil governmentWorld War, 1939-1945Use: Political scienceEvacuation of civilians Civil law suitsCivil defenseCanada Use: LitigationDewey: 363.3 Civil libertyUse For: CanadaCivil defenseUse: FreedomCivil defenseChicago (Ill.) Civil procedureDewey: 363.35Use For: Chicago (Ill.)Civil defense Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 347Civil defenseUnited States Broader Term(s): CourtsDewey: 363.35 Narrower Term(s):Probate law and practiceUse For: United StatesCivil defense Small claims courtsRelated Term(s): LitigationCivil defenseVancouver (B.C.)Dewey: 363.3 Civil rightsUse For: Vancouver (B.C.)Civil defense Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 323; 342.08Civil disobedience Scope Note: Use for materials on citizens rightsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically as established by law or protectedDewey: 303.6; 322.4 by a constitution. Materials on theBroader Term(s): Resistance to government rights of persons regardless of theirCivil disorders legal, socioeconomic, or culturalUse: Riots status and as recognized by theinternational community are enteredCivil engineering under Human rights.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Basic rights; Constitutional rights;Dewey: 624 Fundamental rightsBroader Term(s): Engineering See Also: ethnic groups and classes of personsNarrower Term(s):Aqueducts with the subdivision Civil rights [toBridges be added as needed]Canals Broader Term(s): Constitutional lawDams Human rightsDrainage Political scienceDredging Narrower Term(s):African AmericansCivil rightsExcavation Anti-apartheid movementExtraterrestrial bases BlacksCivil rightsHarbors ChildrenCivil rightsHighway engineering Due process of law213'