b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsEmployee rights See Also: names of countries, states, cities,Fair trial etc., and corporate bodies with theFreedom of assembly subdivision Officials and employees,Freedom of association e.g. United StatesOfficials andFreedom of information employees; OhioOfficials andFreedom of movement employees; Chicago (Ill.) Freedom of religion Officials and employees; UnitedFreedom of speech NationsOfficials andFreedom of the press employees; etc. [to be added asGay rights needed]Habeas corpus Broader Term(s): Administrative lawRight of privacy Political scienceRight of property Public administrationRight to counsel Narrower Term(s):Municipal officials and employeesWomens rights Related Term(s): BureaucracyRelated Term(s): Civil rights demonstrations Public officersDiscriminationFreedom Civil serviceCanadaDewey: 351.71Civil rights (International law) Use For: CanadaCivil service; Canada Use: Human rights Public service; Public service Civil rightsCanada CanadaDewey: 323; 342.71 Related Term(s): CanadaOfficials andBroader Term(s): Constitutional lawCanada employeesNarrower Term(s):Canada. Canadian Bill of Rights Civil serviceExaminationsCanada. Canadian Charter of Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRights and Freedoms Dewey: 351.076Language policyCanada Broader Term(s): ExaminationsCivil rights demonstrations Civil serviceUnited StatesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 351.73Dewey: 322.4 Use For: United StatesCivil serviceUse For: Demonstrations for civil rights; Related Term(s): United StatesOfficials andFreedom marches for civil rights; employeesMarches for civil rights; Sit-ins forcivil rights Civil unionsBroader Term(s): Demonstrations Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Civil rights Dewey: 346.01Broader Term(s): Rites and ceremoniesCivil servants Related Term(s): Same-sex marriageUse: Civil serviceCivil WarEnglandCivil service Use: Great BritainHistory Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically 1642-1660, Civil War andDewey: 342; 351; 352.6 CommonwealthScope Note: Use for general materials on careergovernment service and the laws Civil WarUnited Statesgoverning it. Materials on civil Use: United StatesHistory service employees are entered under 1861-1865, Civil Warthe name of the country, state, city, Civilian defensecorporate body, or government Use: Civil defenseagency with the subdivisionOfficials and employees. Civilian evacuationUse For: Administration; Civil servants; Use: Evacuation of civiliansEmployees and officials; World War, 1939-1945 Government employees; Evacuation of civiliansGovernment service; Officials andemployees; Tenure of office214'