b'ClansCivilian relief Civilization and aeronauticsUse names of wars with the subdivision Civilian relief, Use: Aeronautics and civilizatione.g. World War, 1939-1945Civilian relief [to Civilization and astronauticsbe added as needed]Use: Astronautics and civilizationCivilization Civilization and computersDewey: 306; 909Scope Note: Use for materials on civilization in Use: Computers and civilizationgeneral and on the development of Civilization and sciencesocial customs, art, industry, Use: Science and civilizationreligion, etc., of several countries orpeoples. Civilization and technologySee Also: names of continents, regions, Use: Technology and civilizationcountries, states, etc., with the Civilization and warsubdivision Civilization, e.g. UnitedStatesCivilization; and the Use: War and civilizationcivilizations of peoples not confined Civilization, Ancientto a single place, e.g. Arab Use: Ancient civilizationcivilization; Western civilization;etc. [to be added as needed] Civilization, ArabNarrower Term(s):Acculturation Use: Arabic civilizationAeronautics and civilization Civilization, CanadianAfricaCivilization Use: CanadaCivilizationAmericaCivilizationAncient civilization Civilization, ChristianArabic civilization Use: Christian civilizationAsiaCivilizationAstronautics and civilization Civilization, ClassicalBronze Age Use: Classical civilizationCeltic civilization Civilization, GreekChristian civilization Use: GreeceCivilizationComputers and civilizationEducation Civilization, MedievalIron Age Use: Medieval civilizationIslamic civilizationJewish civilization Civilization, ModernLearning and scholarship Use: Modern civilizationManners and customs Civilization, OrientalMedieval civilization Use: AsiaCivilizationModern civilizationOhioCivilization Civilization, WesternPrimitive societies Use: Western civilizationProgressReligions ClaimsRenaissance Use ethnic groups, places, and wars with theScience and civilization subdivision Claims, e.g. Native Americans Social sciences Claims [to be added as needed]Stone Age ClairvoyanceTechnology and civilizationUnited StatesCivilization Dewey: 133.8War and civilization Broader Term(s): Extrasensory perceptionWestern civilization OccultismRelated Term(s): Anthropology Related Term(s): TelepathyCulture ClairvoyantsEthnology Use: PsychicsHistorySociology ClansGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically215'