b'CleaningHumanities ClassificationBooksUse: Library classificationClassical geography ClassificationBotanyUse: Ancient geography Use: BotanyClassificationGreeceHistorical geographyRomeGeography ClassificationPlantsClassical languages Use: BotanyClassificationUse: Greek language Classification of knowledgeLatin language Use: ClassificationClassical literature Classification, Dewey DecimalDewey: 870; 880 Use: Dewey Decimal ClassificationBroader Term(s): LiteratureNarrower Term(s):Classical drama Classified catalogsRelated Term(s): Greek literature Dewey: 017; 025.3Latin literature Use For: Catalogs, Classified; ClassedcatalogsClassical music Broader Term(s): Library catalogsUse: Music Related Term(s): Library classificationClassical mythology Classroom managementDewey: 292.1 Dewey: 371.102Use For: Mythology, Classical Broader Term(s): School disciplineBroader Term(s): Mythology TeachingNarrower Term(s):Greek mythologyRoman mythology Classrooms, FlippedUse: Flipped classroomsClassicismDewey: 709; 809 ClayBroader Term(s): Aesthetics Dewey: 553.6; 666; 738.1Literature Broader Term(s): CeramicsNarrower Term(s):Classicism in architecture SoilsRelated Term(s): Classical civilization Narrower Term(s):ModelingClassicism in architecture Clay industriesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Clay industryDewey: 723; 724 Clay industryBroader Term(s): Architecture Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyClassicism Dewey: 338.4; 666Classification Use For: Clay industriesDewey: 001.01 Broader Term(s): Ceramic industryScope Note: Use for materials on the Narrower Term(s):Potteryorganization of knowledge into a Clay modelingsystematic arrangement of topics or Use: Modelingcategories. Materials on theclassification of library materials are Cleaningentered under Library Dewey: 648; 667classification, which may be See Also: topics with the subdivisionsubdivided by the type of literature Cleaning, e.g. Rugs and carpets or the subject of the materials Cleaning [to be added as needed]classified. Broader Term(s): SanitationUse For: Classification of knowledge Narrower Term(s):BleachingSee Also: subjects with the subdivision Cleaning compoundsClassification, e.g. BotanyDry cleaningClassification [to be added as House cleaningneeded] LaundryNarrower Term(s):BotanyClassification Street cleaningLibrary classification217'