b'CloningSee Also: names of countries, cities, etc., with Clinical trials of drugsthe subdivision Climate [to be added Use: DrugsTestingas needed] ClinicsBroader Term(s): Earth sciences Use: Health facilitiesNarrower Term(s):Chicago (Ill.)Climate Medical practiceClimate changeDesertification Clip artForest influences Dewey: 741.6Global warming Scope Note: Use for materials on clipping artOhioClimate work from published sources to useSeasons in creating documents, posters,United StatesClimate newsletters, etc. Materials on the useRelated Term(s): Meteorology of photocopying machines to createWeather original works of art are enteredunder Copy art.ClimateCanada Broader Term(s): Graphic artsUse: CanadaClimateClipper shipsClimate and forests Dewey: 387.2; 623.82Use: Forest influences Broader Term(s): ShipsClimate change Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 025.17Dewey: 551.5 Use For: Newspaper clippings; PressBroader Term(s): Climate clippingsRelated Term(s): Global warming Broader Term(s): NewspapersClimatology ClitoridotomyUse: Climate Use: Female circumcisionClimbing plants Clocks and watchesDewey: 582.1; 635.9 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Vines Dewey: 681.1; 739.3Broader Term(s): Gardening Use For: Chronometers; Horology; WatchesPlants Broader Term(s): TimeClinical assistants Narrower Term(s):SundialsUse: Physicians assistants Clog dancingClinical chemistry Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 616.07 Dewey: 793.3Scope Note: Use for materials on the chemical Use For: Clog-dancing; Clogging (Dance)diagnosis of disease and health Broader Term(s): Dancemonitoring. Clog-dancingUse For: Chemistry, Diagnostic; Chemistry, Use: Clog dancingMedical; Diagnostic chemistry;Medical chemistry Clogging (Dance)Broader Term(s): Biochemistry Use: Clog dancingDiagnosis CloistersClinical drug trials Use: ConventsUse: DrugsTesting MonasteriesClinical genetics Clones and cloningUse: Medical genetics Use: CloningClinical imaging CloningUse: Diagnostic imaging Dewey: 571.8; 660.6Use For: Clones and cloningClinical records Broader Term(s): Genetic engineeringUse: Medical records219'