b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):Human cloning persons. Materials on theMolecular cloning characteristic costume of ethnicCloningEthical aspects groups and on fancy dress andtheatrical costumes are enteredDewey: 174 under Costume. Materials on theBroader Term(s): Ethics prevailing mode or style of dress areClosed caption television entered under Fashion.Dewey: 384.55 Use For: Clothes; Dress; Garments; Style inBroader Term(s): Deaf dressTelevision See Also: types of clothing articles andaccessories, e.g. Socks; costume ofClosed caption video recordings particular ethnic groups, e.g. NativeDewey: 384.55 American costume; andScope Note: Use for individual works, professions and classes of personscollections, or materials about with the subdivision Clothing, e.g.closed caption video recordings. People with disabilities Use For: Video recordings for the hearing Clothing [to be added as needed]impaired; Video recordings, Closed Broader Term(s): Manners and customscaption Narrower Term(s):ButtonsBroader Term(s): Deaf Childrens clothingVideo recordings DressmakingClosed shop Fans (Fashion accessories)Use: Open and closed shop FashionFashion accessoriesClosed-circuit television HatsDewey: 384.55 HosieryUse For: Television, Closed-circuit Infants clothingBroader Term(s): Intercommunication systems JewelryMicrowave communication Leather garmentssystems Mens clothingTelevision People with disabilities ClothingClosing of factories ShoesUse: Plant shutdowns SocksCloth T-shirtsUse: Fabrics TailoringUmbrellas and parasolsClothes UniformsUse: Clothing and dress WigsWomens clothingClothiers Related Term(s): Clothing industryUse: Clothing industry CostumeClothing Personal appearanceUse types of clothing articles and accessories; costume Personal groomingof particular ethnic groups, e.g. Native American Clothing and dressCanadacostume; and professions and classes of persons Dewey: 391with the subdivision Clothing, e.g. People with Scope Note: Use for materials on day to daydisabilitiesClothing [to be added as needed] dress in Canada.Clothing and dress Clothing and dressCanadaHistoryGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 391Dewey: 391; 646.4 Scope Note: Use for materials on day to dayScope Note: Use for materials on clothing and dress in Canada in the past.the art of dress from day to day inpractical situations, including Clothing and dressDry cleaninghistorical dress and the clothing of Use: Dry cleaningvarious professions or classes of220'