b'Collective buyingSee Also: subjects and names with the Collections; English literatureCollections; etc.;subdivision Collectibles, e.g. and subjects with the subdivision LiteraryAmerican Revolution collections, for collections focused on a singleBicentennial, 1776-1976subject by two or more authors involving two orCollectibles; and types of objects more literary forms, e.g. CatsLiterarycollected, excluding antiquities and collections [to be added as needed]natural objects, with the subdivision Collections (Anthologies)Collectors and collecting, e.g.BoxesCollectors and collecting Use: Anthologies[to be added as needed] Collections of art, painting, etc.Broader Term(s): Collectors and collecting Use: Art collectionsNarrower Term(s):Trading cards Art museumsVictorianaCollections of literatureCollectiblesCanada Use: AnthologiesDewey: 745.1 LiteratureCollectionsScope Note: Use for materials on any objects of StorytellingCollectionsinterest to collectors, including massproduced items of little intrinsic Collections of natural specimensvalue. Materials on old decorative or Use: PlantsCollection andutilitarian objects that have aesthetic preservationor historical importance and Zoological specimens financial value are entered under Collection and preservationAntiquesCanada. Collections of objectsNarrower Term(s):CanadianaUse: Collectors and collectingCollecting Collective bargainingUse: Collectors and collectingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCollecting of accounts Dewey: 331.89; 658.3Dewey: 658.8 Scope Note: May be subdivided by groups ofUse For: Accounts, Collecting of; Bill professional or nonprofessionalcollecting; Collection of accounts workers, e.g. Collective bargainingBroader Term(s): Commercial lawLibrarians.Credit Use For: Labor negotiationsDebt Broader Term(s): Industrial relationsDebtor and creditor LaborCollection and preservation Labor disputesNegotiationUse types of antiquities and types of natural objects, Related Term(s): Industrial arbitrationincluding animal specimens and plant specimens, Labor contractwith the subdivision Collection and preservation, Labor unionse.g. BirdsCollection and preservation; for Participative managementmaterials on methods of collecting and preserving Strikesthose objects [to be added as needed]Collective bargainingLibrariansCollection development (Libraries) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: LibrariesCollection Dewey: 331.89development Use For: LibrariansCollective bargaining;Collection of accounts LibrariesCollective bargainingUse: Collecting of accounts Collective buyingCollections Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse form headings for minor literary forms that Dewey: 381represent collections of works of several authors, e.g. Scope Note: Use for materials on internetEssays; American essays; Parodies; Short stories; shopping offers that only take effectetc.; major literary forms and national literatures with if a minimum number of people signthe subdivision Collections, e.g. Poetryup.Broader Term(s): Internet shopping225'