b'College studentscollections, and materials about College dropoutsplays for children are entered under Use: DropoutsChildrens plays. Plays for children College entrance examinationson a particular theme are entered Use: Colleges and universities under subjects and personal, Entrance examinationscorporate, and place names with thesubdivision Juvenile drama. College entrance requirementsUse For: College drama; School plays Use: Colleges and universities Broader Term(s): Amateur theater Entrance requirementsDrama College fraternitiesStudent activities Use: Fraternities and sororitiesRelated Term(s): Drama in educationCollege and school journalism College graduatesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 371.8 Dewey: 305.5; 378Use For: College journalism; College Use For: Graduates, College; Universityperiodicals; School journalism; graduatesSchool newspapers Broader Term(s): ProfessionsBroader Term(s): Journalism Narrower Term(s):Women college graduatesStudent activities Related Term(s): College studentsRelated Term(s): Childrens writings College journalismCollege and university libraries Use: College and school journalismUse: Academic libraries College librariesCollege applications Use: Academic librariesDewey: 378.1 College lifeUse For: Admissions applications; Use: College studentsAdmissions essays; Applications forcollege; College admissions essays; College majorsColleges and universitiesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyApplications Dewey: 378.2Related Term(s): Colleges and universitiesUse For: Academic majors; Majors, CollegeEntrance requirements Broader Term(s): Academic degreesColleges and universities College athletics CurriculaUse: College sportsCollege periodicalsCollege choice Use: College and school journalismDewey: 378Use For: Choice of college; Colleges and College songsuniversitiesSelection Use: Students songsBroader Term(s): Colleges and universities College sororitiesSchool choice Use: Fraternities and sororitiesCollege costs College sportsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 378.3 Dewey: 371.8; 796.04Use For: Tuition Use For: College athletics; IntercollegiateBroader Term(s): Colleges and universitiesathletics; Varsity sportsFinance See Also: types of sports [to be added asNarrower Term(s):Student aid needed]Student loan funds Broader Term(s): SportsCollege degrees Student activitiesUse: Academic degrees Related Term(s): School sportsCollege drama College studentsUse: College and school drama Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically227'