b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsScope Note: Use for materials on the policy of Broader Term(s): Photographysettling immigrants or nationals Color printingabroad. Materials on generalcolonial policy are entered under Dewey: 686.2Colonies. Materials on migration Scope Note: Use for materials on practicalfrom one country to another are printing in color. Materials onentered under Immigration and hand-colored prints or on picturesemigration. Materials on the printed in color are entered undermovement of population within a Color prints.country for permanent settlement are See Also: types of color printing processes [toentered under Internal migration. be added as needed]See Also: names of countries with the Broader Term(s): Printingsubdivision Immigration and Narrower Term(s):Illustration of booksemigration, e.g. United StatesLithographyImmigration and emigration [to Silk screen printingbe added as needed] Related Term(s): Color printsBroader Term(s): Imperialism Color printsLand settlement Dewey: 769Narrower Term(s):Internal migration Scope Note: Use for materials on hand-coloredLand grants prints or on pictures printed in color.Public lands Materials on practical printing inRelated Term(s): Colonies color are entered under ColorImmigration and emigration printing.Color Use For: Block printing; Color etchings;Dewey: 535.6; 701; 752 PaintingColor reproductionsUse For: Colour See Also: color prints of particular countries,See Also: subjects with the subdivision Color, e.g. American color prints [to beand names of specific colors [to be added as needed]added as needed] Broader Term(s): PrintsBroader Term(s): Aesthetics Narrower Term(s):American color printsChemistry Japanese color printsLight Related Term(s): Color printingOptics Color prints, AmericanPainting Use: American color printsPhotometryNarrower Term(s):AnimalsColor Color prints, CanadianBirdsColor Use: Canadian color printsDyes and dyeing Color prints, JapaneseRedRelated Term(s): Pigments Use: Japanese color printsColorPsychological aspects Color senseDewey: 152.14 Dewey: 152.14Use For: Psychology of color Broader Term(s): PsychophysiologyBroader Term(s): Color sense Senses and sensationPsychology VisionNarrower Term(s):ColorPsychological aspectsColor blindness Color blindnessDewey: 617.7 Color slidesBroader Term(s): Color senseVision disorders Use: Color photographySlides (Photography)Color etchings Color televisionUse: Color printsDewey: 621.388Color photography Broader Term(s): TelevisionDewey: 778.6Use For: Color slides; Photography, Color230'