b'Communicable diseasesCommercials, Radio British Dominions; CommonwealthUse: Radio advertising of Nations; Dominions, BritishCommercials, Television Related Term(s): Great BritainColoniesUse: Television advertising Commonwealth of EnglandCommission government Use: Great BritainHistory Use: Municipal government by 1642-1660, Civil War andcommission CommonwealthCommission government with city manager Commonwealth of NationsUse: Municipal government by city Use: Commonwealth countriesmanager Commonwealth, TheCommitment (Psychology) Use: Political scienceDewey: 153.8 RepublicsBroader Term(s): Choice (Psychology) State, TheCommon cold Communal livingUse: Cold (Disease) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 307.77Common Core State Standards Scope Note: Use for materials on arrangementsDewey: 379.1 in voluntary cooperative living,Use For: CCSS (Common Core State usually informal. Materials onStandards) traditional, formally organizedBroader Term(s): Educational standards communal ventures, usually basedCommon currencies on ideological, political, or religiousUse: Monetary unions affiliation are entered underCollective settlements.Common law Use For: Communal settlements; Communes;Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Cooperative living; Group livingDewey: 340.5 Broader Term(s): CooperationUse For: Anglo-American law Related Term(s): Collective settlementsBroader Term(s): Law Cooperative housingCountercultureCommon law marriageUse: Unmarried couples Communal settlementsUse: Collective settlementsCommon market Communal livingUse: European UnionCommunesCommon memory Use: Collective settlementsUse: Collective memory Communal livingCommonplaces Communicable diseasesUse: Terms and phrases Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCommonwealth countries Dewey: 614.4; 616.9Dewey: 909 Use For: Contagion and contagious diseases;Scope Note: Use for materials dealing Contagious diseases; Infection andcollectively with the member infectious diseases; Quarantinecountries of the international See Also: names of communicable diseases [toorganization that was founded in be added as needed]1931 as the British Commonwealth Broader Term(s): Diseasesof Nations, changed its name to the Public healthCommonwealth of Nations in 1950, Narrower Term(s):AIDS (Disease)and became known as the Cold (Disease)Commonwealth in 1969. FumigationUse For: British Commonwealth countries; Germ theory of diseaseBritish Commonwealth of Nations; InfluenzaPlague235'