b'CompetitionCompanion-animal partnership Comparative psychologyUse: Pet therapy Dewey: 156Company libraries Use For: Animal psychology; Psychology,ComparativeUse: Corporate libraries See Also: types of animals with theCompany symbols subdivision Psychology, e.g. DogsUse: TrademarksPsychology [to be added asneeded]Comparative anatomy Broader Term(s): ZoologyDewey: 571.3 Narrower Term(s):DogsPsychologyUse For: Anatomy, Comparative SociobiologyBroader Term(s): Anatomy Related Term(s): Animal intelligenceZoology InstinctNarrower Term(s):MorphologyComparative religionComparative government Use: Christianity and other religionsDewey: 320.3 ReligionsUse For: Government, ComparativeSee Also: names of countries, cities, etc., with Comparative studiesthe subdivision Politics and Use religious topics and names of sacred works andgovernment, e.g. United Statesindividual Christian denominations with thePolitics and government [to be subdivision Comparative studies, e.g. Mysticism added as needed] Comparative studies [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Political science ComparisonComparative linguistics Use names of languages with the subdivisionUse: Linguistics Comparison, e.g. English languageComparison[to be added as needed]Comparative literatureDewey: 809 Comparison (English grammar)Scope Note: This heading may be subdivided by Use: English languageComparisonthe nationalities of literatures Comparison of culturescompared, with duplicate entry, e.g. Use: Cross-cultural studiesComparative literatureEnglishand German and Comparative CompassliteratureGerman and English. Dewey: 538; 623.8Use For: Literature, Comparative Use For: Magnetic needle; MarinersBroader Term(s): Literature compassComparative literatureEnglish and German Broader Term(s): MagnetismNavigationDewey: 809Comparative literatureGerman and English CompassionDewey: 177Dewey: 809 Broader Term(s): EmotionsComparative morphology CompensationUse: Morphology Use: PensionsComparative philology Salaries, wages, etc.Use: Linguistics Workers compensationComparative philosophy Compensatory spendingDewey: 100 Use: Deficit financingBroader Term(s): Philosophy CompetenceComparative physiology Use: PerformanceDewey: 571.1 CompetitionUse For: Physiology, Comparative Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Physiology Dewey: 338.6Broader Term(s): Business239'