b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBusiness ethics Composition (Art)Commerce Dewey: 701Related Term(s): Industrial trusts Use For: ArtCompositionMonopolies Broader Term(s): ArtSupply and demand Narrower Term(s):ArchitectureComposition,proportion, etc.Competition (Psychology) Related Term(s): PaintingDewey: 158.2 Composition (Music)Use For: Competitive behavior; Dewey: 781.3Competitiveness (Psychology) Use For: MusicComposition; MusicalBroader Term(s): Interpersonal relations composition; Song writing;Motivation (Psychology) SongwritingPsychology Broader Term(s): MusicCompetition, International MusicTheoryUse: International competition Narrower Term(s):CounterpointHarmonyCompetition, Unfair Instrumentation andUse: Unfair competition orchestrationCompetitions Musical accompanimentUse: Awards Musical formContests Popular musicWriting andpublishingCompetitive behavior Composition (Printing)Use: Competition (Psychology) Use: TypesettingCompetitiveness (Psychology) Composition (Rhetoric)Use: Competition (Psychology) Use: RhetoricComposers Composition and exercisesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use names of languages with the subdivisionDewey: 780.92; 920 Composition and exercises, e.g. English languageUse For: SongwritersComposition and exercises [to be added asBroader Term(s): Musicians needed]ComposersCanada Composition of natural substancesDewey: 780.92; 920 Use types of natural substances of unfixed composition,Use For: Canadian composers; Composers, including soils, plants and crops, animals, farmCanadian products, etc., with the subdivision Composition forSee Also: names of individual composers [tobe added as needed] the results of analyses of those substances, e.g. Food Composition [tobe added as needed]ComposersUnited States CompostDewey: 780.92; 920Use For: American composers; Composers, Dewey: 631.8American Broader Term(s): FertilizersSoilsComposers, American Related Term(s): Organic gardeningUse: ComposersUnited States Comprehensive health care organizationsComposers, Canadian Use: Health maintenance organizationsUse: ComposersCanada Compressed airComposition Dewey: 621.5Use types of natural substances of unfixed composition, Use For: Pneumatic transmissionincluding soils, plants and crops, animals, farm Broader Term(s): Cold storageproducts, etc., with the subdivision Composition, for Pneumaticsthe results of analyses of those substances, e.g. Food Power (Mechanics) Composition [to be added as needed]240'