b'Computer graphicsCompulsion (Psychology) Broader Term(s): Animation (Cinematography)Use: Compulsive behaviorCompulsive behavior Computer applicationsDewey: 616.85 Dewey: 005.3Use For: Addictive behavior; Compulsion Use For: Applications software; Apps(Psychology) (Computer software)See Also: types of compulsive behavior [to be Broader Term(s): Computer softwareadded as needed] Computer artBroader Term(s): Abnormal psychology Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHuman behavior Dewey: 700; 760; 776Narrower Term(s):Compulsive gambling Scope Note: Use for materials on the use ofExercise addiction computer graphics to create artisticWorkaholism designs, drawings, or other works ofRelated Term(s): Obsessive-compulsive disorder art.Twelve-step programs Broader Term(s): ArtCompulsive exercising Computer graphicsUse: Exercise addiction Computer assisted instructionCompulsive gambling Use: Computer-assisted instructionDewey: 616.85 Computer awarenessUse For: Addiction to gambling Use: Computer literacyBroader Term(s): Compulsive behaviorGambling Computer bulletin boardsUse: Internet forumsCompulsive workingUse: Workaholism Computer controlUse: AutomationCompulsory educationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Computer crimesDewey: 379.2 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Compulsory school attendance; Dewey: 364.16Education, Compulsory Use For: Computer fraud; Fraud, ComputerBroader Term(s): EducationGovernment policy Broader Term(s): CrimeNarrower Term(s):Evening and continuation schools Narrower Term(s):Computer hackersRelated Term(s): School attendance Computer virusesCyberbullyingCompulsory labor CyberterrorismUse: Forced labor Related Term(s): Computer securityCompulsory military service Computer draftingUse: Draft Use: Computer graphicsCompulsory school attendance Computer drawingUse: Compulsory education Use: Computer graphicsSchool attendanceComputer fontsComputation (Mathematics) Dewey: 686.2Use: Arithmetic Broader Term(s): Type and type-foundingComputation, Approximate Computer fraudUse: Approximate computation Use: Computer crimesComputer aided design Computer gamesUse: Computer-aided design Dewey: 794.8Computer animation Broader Term(s): Computer softwareDewey: 741.5 GamesUse For: CGI (Cinematography); Computer graphicsComputer-generated animation Dewey: 006.6241'