b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsScope Note: Use for materials on the production Computer languagesof drawings, pictures, or diagrams, Use: Programming languagesas distinct from letters and numbers, Computer literacyon a computer screen or hard-copy Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyoutput devices. Materials on the use Dewey: 004of computer graphics to create Scope Note: Use for materials on the basicartistic designs, drawings,or other knowledge of computers a personworks of art are entered under needs in order to function in aComputer art. Materials on the use computer-based society.of computer graphics to design Use For: Computer awarenesstools, vehicles, buildings, etc., are Broader Term(s): Computers and civilizationentered under Computer-aided Literacydesign.Use For: Automatic drafting; Automatic Computer memory systemsdrawing; Computer drafting; Use: Computer storage devicesComputer drawing; Electronic Computer modelingdrafting; Electronic drawing; Use: Computer simulationGraphics, ComputerBroader Term(s): Data processing Computer modelsNarrower Term(s):Computer art Use: Computer simulationComputer-aided designIcons (Computer graphics) Computer monitorsDewey: 004.7Computer hackers Scope Note: Use for materials on video displayGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically devices connected to a personalDewey: 005.8092 computer.Broader Term(s): Computer crimes Use For: CRT display terminals; VideoCriminals display terminalsComputer hardware Broader Term(s): Computer peripheralsUse: Computers Computer musicComputer icons Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Icons (Computer graphics) Dewey: 786.7Broader Term(s): MusicComputer industry Related Term(s): Computer sound processingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Electronic musicDewey: 338.7 Computer network resourcesBroader Term(s): Industries Use: Internet resourcesRelated Term(s): ComputersComputer input-output equipment Computer networksUse: Computer peripherals Dewey: 004.6; 384.3Scope Note: Use for materials on systemsComputer interfaces consisting of two or moreDewey: 004.6; 621.39 interconnected computers.Scope Note: Use for materials on equipment and Use For: Information superhighway;techniques linking computers to Networks, Computerperipheral devices or to other See Also: types of computer networks, namescomputers. of specific computer networks, andUse For: Interfaces, Computer subjects with the subdivisionBroader Term(s): Computer peripherals Computer networks, e.g. BusinessNarrower Term(s):Brain-computer interfaces enterprisesComputernetworks [to be added as needed]Computer keyboarding Broader Term(s): Data transmission systemsUse: Keyboarding (Electronics) TelecommunicationComputer keyboards Narrower Term(s):Business enterprisesComputerUse: Keyboards (Electronics) networksCyberspace242'