b'Computer softwareInternet Computer scienceDictionariesLocal area networks Dewey: 004.03Related Term(s): Cyberterrorism Use For: Computer terms; Computers Information networks DictionariesBroader Term(s): Encyclopedias and dictionariesComputer operating systems Computer securityDewey: 005.4 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: ComputersOperating systems; Dewey: 005.8Operating systems (Computers) Scope Note: Use for materials on protectingBroader Term(s): Computer software computer hardware and softwareComputer peripherals from accidental or malicious access,Dewey: 004.7; 621.39 use, modification, disclosure, orUse For: Computer input-output equipment; destruction. Materials on theInput equipment (Computers); protection of data are entered underOutput equipment (Computers) Data security.See Also: types of computer peripherals [to be Use For: ComputersAccess control;added as needed] ComputersSecurity measuresBroader Term(s): Computers Broader Term(s): ComputersNarrower Term(s):Computer interfaces Narrower Term(s):Internet securityComputer monitors Related Term(s): Computer crimesComputer storage devices Computer virusesComputer terminals Data securityKeyboards (Electronics) Computer sexOptical scanners Dewey: 306.7Computer program languages Use For: Cybersex; Online sexUse: Programming languages Broader Term(s): SexComputer programming Computer simulationDewey: 005.1 Dewey: 003Use For: Coding (Computer programming); Use For: Computer modeling; ComputerComputersProgramming; models; Simulation, ComputerProgramming (Computers) See Also: subjects with the subdivisionSee Also: subjects with the subdivision Computer simulation, e.g.Computer software, e.g. Database PsychologyComputermanagementComputer simulation [to be added as needed]software [to be added as needed] Broader Term(s): Mathematical modelsBroader Term(s): Computer science Narrower Term(s):PsychologyComputerData processing simulationRelated Term(s): Computer software Virtual realityProgramming languages Computer softwareComputer programs Dewey: 005.3Use: Computer software Use For: Computer programs; Programs,Computer; Software, ComputerComputer science See Also: types of computer software, e.g.Dewey: 004 Computer games; SpreadsheetScope Note: Use for materials discussing software; etc.; subjects with thecollectively the disciplines that deal subdivision Computer software, e.g.with the general theory and OceanographyComputerapplication of computers. software; and names of individualBroader Term(s): Science computer programs qualified byNarrower Term(s):Artificial intelligence (Computer software), e.g. MicrosoftComputer programming Word (Computer software) [to beDatabase management added as needed]Related Term(s): Computers Narrower Term(s):Computer applicationsComputer gamesComputer operating systems243'