b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsComputer viruses Scope Note: Use for materials on video displayComputer-aided design software devices connected to a mainframeComputer-assisted instructioncomputer.Authoring programs Use For: Terminals, ComputerDatabase managementBroader Term(s): Computer peripheralsComputer software Computer termsEducational softwareFree computer software Use: Computer scienceDictionariesGraphic artsComputer Computer utility programssoftware Use: Utilities (Computer software)Image processing softwareInternet software Computer virusesMicrosoft Word (Computer Dewey: 005.8software) Use For: Software viruses; Viruses,Multimedia ComputerOceanographyComputer Broader Term(s): Computer crimessoftware Computer softwareOpen source software Related Term(s): Computer securityProgramming languagesShareware (Computer software) Computer-aided designSpreadsheet software Dewey: 620Utilities (Computer software) Scope Note: Use for materials on the use ofWord processing software computer graphics to design tools,Related Term(s): Computer programming vehicles, buildings, etc.Computer software industry Use For: CAD; Computer aided design;Computers Computer-assisted design;Electronic designComputer software industry Broader Term(s): Computer graphicsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically DesignDewey: 338.4 Related Term(s): Computer-aided design softwareBroader Term(s): IndustriesRelated Term(s): Computer software Computer-aided design softwareDewey: 006.6Computer sound processing Use For: CAD software; CAD/CAM softwareGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): Computer softwareDewey: 006.5 Related Term(s): Computer-aided designUse For: Sound processing, ComputerBroader Term(s): Computers Computer-assisted designSound Use: Computer-aided designNarrower Term(s):MP3 players Computer-assisted instructionRelated Term(s): Computer music Dewey: 371.33Speech processing systems Scope Note: Use for materials on automatedComputer speech processing systems instruction in which a studentUse: Speech processing systems interacts directly with a computer.Use For: CAI; Computer assisted instruction;Computer storage devices ComputersEducational use;Dewey: 004.5; 621.39 EducationAutomation;Use For: Computer memory systems; EducationData processing;ComputersMemory systems; TeachingData processingComputersStorage devices; See Also: subjects with the subdivisionMemory devices (Computers); Computer-assisted instruction [to beStorage devices, Computer added as needed]Broader Term(s): Computer peripherals Broader Term(s): Programmed instructionNarrower Term(s):Optical storage devices Narrower Term(s):Mathematics Computer terminals Computer-assisted instructionWeb-based instructionDewey: 004.7; 621.39244'