b'Computers and people with disabilitiesComputer-assisted instructionAuthoring Supercomputersprograms Related Term(s): CalculatorsDewey: 005.3 Computer industryScope Note: Use for materials on computer Computer scienceprograms that allow the user with Computer softwarecomparatively little expertise todesign customized computer ComputersAccess controlprograms for educational purposes. Use: Computer securityUse For: Authoring programs for ComputersCartoons and caricaturescomputer-assisted instruction Dewey: 621.39; 741.5Broader Term(s): Computer software Broader Term(s): Cartoons and caricaturesComputer-based information systems ComputersDictionariesUse: Information systems Use: Computer scienceDictionariesManagement information systemsComputer-based multimedia information systems ComputersEducational useUse: Multimedia Use: Computer-assisted instructionComputer-brain interfaces ComputersJuvenile literatureUse: Brain-computer interfaces Dewey: 004Computer-generated animation ComputersMemory systemsUse: Computer animation Use: Computer storage devicesComputer-human interaction ComputersOperating systemsUse: Human-computer interaction Use: Computer operating systemsComputerized tomography ComputersProgrammingUse: Tomography Use: Computer programmingComputers ComputersSecurity measuresGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Computer securityDewey: 004; 621.39 ComputersStorage devicesScope Note: Use for materials on modern Use: Computer storage deviceselectronic computers developedafter 1945. Materials on present-day ComputersUtility programscalculators and on calculating Use: Utilities (Computer software)machines and mechanical computers Computers and childrenmade before 1945 are entered under Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCalculators. Dewey: 004.083Use For: Computer hardware Broader Term(s): ChildrenSee Also: types of computers, e.g. Personal Computerscomputers; and names of specificcomputers [to be added as needed] Computers and civilizationBroader Term(s): Electronic apparatus and Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyappliances Dewey: 004; 303.48Narrower Term(s):Computer peripherals Use For: Civilization and computersComputer security Broader Term(s): CivilizationComputer sound processing ComputersComputers and children Technology and civilizationComputers and civilization Narrower Term(s):Computer literacyComputers and people withdisabilities Computers and people with disabilitiesData processing Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyInformation systems Dewey: 004.6; 362.4Macintosh (Computer) Broader Term(s): ComputersMicroprocessors People with disabilitiesPersonal computersPortable computers245'