b'ConfectioneryDewey: 691; 693 moral guidance and advice to theBroader Term(s): Building materials individual.Foundations Use For: Morals; Personal conductMasonry See Also: classes of persons with thePlaster and plastering subdivision Conduct of life, e.g.Narrower Term(s):Reinforced concrete ChildrenConduct of life; andRelated Term(s): Cement names of vices and virtues [to beConcrete construction added as needed]ConcreteTesting Broader Term(s): EthicsHuman behaviorGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Life skillsDewey: 620.1 Narrower Term(s):AltruismBroader Term(s): Strength of materials ChildrenConduct of lifeConcrete building FairnessUse: Concrete construction HonorPride and vanityConcrete construction SimplicityGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically SympathyDewey: 693 TeenagersConduct of lifeUse For: Concrete building; Construction, ViceConcrete VirtueBroader Term(s): BuildingRelated Term(s): Concrete ConductingDewey: 781.45Concrete poetry Scope Note: Use for materials on orchestralDewey: 808.814; 809.14 conducting or a combination ofBroader Term(s): Poetry orchestral and choral conducting.Concussion, Brain Materials limited to choralconducting are entered underUse: BrainConcussion Choral conducting.Condemnation of land Broader Term(s): MusicUse: Eminent domain Narrower Term(s):Choral conductingRelated Term(s): Bands (Music)Condensed books Conductors (Music)Use: Abridgments OrchestraCondensers (Electricity) Conducting, ChoralDewey: 621.31 Use: Choral conductingUse For: Electric condensersBroader Term(s): Induction coils Conductors (Music)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCondensers (Steam) Dewey: 784.2092; 920Dewey: 621.1 Use For: Bandmasters; Music conductorsBroader Term(s): Steam engines Broader Term(s): MusiciansCondominium timesharing OrchestraRelated Term(s): Choral conductingUse: Timesharing (Real estate) ConductingCondominiums Conductors, ElectricGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Electric conductorsDewey: 346.04; 647.9Broader Term(s): Apartment houses ConfectionaryNarrower Term(s):Timesharing (Real estate) Use: ConfectioneryConduct of life ConfectioneryDewey: 170 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyScope Note: Use for materials on standards of Dewey: 641.8; 664behavior and materials containing Use For: Confectionary; SweetsBroader Term(s): Cooking247'