b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMeech Lake Constitutional Scope Note: Use for materials on constitutions orAccord (1987) constitutional law. Texts ofConstitutional conventions constitutions are entered underConstitutions.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): LawDewey: 342 Narrower Term(s):CitizenshipUse For: Conventions, Constitutional Civil rightsBroader Term(s): Conferences Constitutional amendmentsConstitutional history DemocracyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Election lawDewey: 342.02 Eminent domainScope Note: Use for materials on the history of Executive powerconstitutions. Texts of constitutions Federal governmentare entered under Constitutions. Habeas corpusUse For: Constitutional lawHistory InjunctionsBroader Term(s): History Legislative bodiesNarrower Term(s):Democracy MonarchyMonarchy Proportional representationRepresentative government and Referendumrepresentation Representative government andRepublics representationRelated Term(s): Constitutions RepublicsSeparation of powersConstitutional historyCanada SuffrageDewey: 342.71; 971 War and emergency powersScope Note: Use for materials on the history of Related Term(s): Administrative lawthe formation and development of Constitutionsthe Canadian Constitution. Materials Constitutional lawCanadaon amendments to the Constitutionare entered under Constitutional Dewey: 342.71amendmentsCanada. Texts of Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadianparticular constitutional acts or constitutional law in general, as wellrelated documents are entered under as for materials on particularConstitutionsCanada. constitutional acts or relatedUse For: CanadaConstitutional history documents. Texts of suchBroader Term(s): CanadaHistory documents are entered underRelated Term(s): ConstitutionsCanada ConstitutionsCanada.Use For: CanadaConstitutional lawConstitutional historyManitoba Narrower Term(s):Canada. Constitution Act, 1867Dewey: 342.7127; 971.27 Canada. Union Act (1841)Use For: ManitobaConstitutional history Civil rightsCanadaBroader Term(s): ManitobaHistory Constitutional amendments CanadaConstitutional historyOhio Language policyCanadaDewey: 342.771; 977.1 Provincial rightsUse For: OhioConstitutional history Quebec (Province). Quebec ActBroader Term(s): OhioHistory ReferendumCanadaConstitutional historyUnited States Related Term(s): ConstitutionsCanadaDewey: 342.73; 973 Constitutional lawHistoryUse For: United StatesConstitutional Use: Constitutional historyhistoryBroader Term(s): United StatesHistory Constitutional lawManitobaDewey: 342.7127Constitutional law Use For: ManitobaConstitutional lawGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 342 Constitutional lawOhioDewey: 342.771252'