b'Continuation schoolsGamification House plantsShopping Indoor gardeningConsumersInformation services Miniature gardensWindow gardeningGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 658.8 ContainersBroader Term(s): Information services Dewey: 688.8Consumers cooperative societies Broader Term(s): Implements, utensils, etc.Narrower Term(s):BagsUse: Cooperative societies BasketsConsumers guides BoxesUse: Consumer education LuggageRelated Term(s): PackagingConsumption (Economics) Contaminated foodGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 339.4 Use: Food contaminationScope Note: Use for materials on the economic Contamination of environmenttheory of consumption and on Use: Pollutionconsumerism or consumer demand.Materials on the decision-making Contestsprocesses, external factors, and Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyindividual characteristics of Dewey: 001.4; 790.1consumers that determine their Use For: Competitionspurchasing behavior are entered See Also: types of contests and names ofunder Consumers. Materials on the specific contests, e.g. Olympicselection and efficient use of games; and subjects with theconsumer goods and services and on subdivision Competitions ormethods of educating consumers are Tournaments, e.g. Literature entered under Consumer Competitions; Tennis education. Tournaments [to be added asUse For: Consumer demand; Consumer needed]spending; Consumerism Narrower Term(s):Beauty contestsBroader Term(s): Economics LiteratureCompetitionsNarrower Term(s):Prices Olympic gamesRelated Term(s): Consumer goods Sports tournamentsConsumers Related Term(s): AwardsConsumption of alcoholic beverages Continental driftUse: Drinking of alcoholic beverages Dewey: 551.1Consumption of energy Use For: Drifting of continentsUse: Energy consumption Broader Term(s): ContinentsGeologyContact lenses Related Term(s): Plate tectonicsDewey: 617.7 Continental shelfBroader Term(s): Eyeglasses Dewey: 551.41Lenses Broader Term(s): GeologyContagion and contagious diseases Related Term(s): Territorial watersUse: Communicable diseases ContinentsContagious diseases Dewey: 551.41Use: Communicable diseases Broader Term(s): EarthNarrower Term(s):Continental driftContainer gardening Lost continentsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 635.9 Continuation schoolsBroader Term(s): Gardening Use: Evening and continuation schoolsRelated Term(s): Flower gardening255'