b'CookingDewey: 808.56 ConveyorsUse For: Discussion; Table talk; Talking Use: Conveying machineryBroader Term(s): Communication Convict laborLanguage and languages Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Discussion groups Dewey: 331.5; 365Interviews Use For: Prison laborOnline chat groups Broader Term(s): Forced laborConversation and phrase books PrisonersUse: Modern languagesConvictsConversation and phrase books Use: CriminalsConversation in foreign languages PrisonersUse: Modern languagesCookbooksConversation and phrase books Dewey: 641.5Conversations and phrases Broader Term(s): BooksUse: Modern languagesRelated Term(s): CookingConversation and phrase books CookeryConversion Use: CookingDewey: 204; 248.2 Cookery for the sickBroader Term(s): Evangelistic work Use: Cooking for the sickSalvationSpiritual life Cookery, AmericanNarrower Term(s):Converts Use: American cookingRelated Term(s): Regeneration (Christianity) Cookery, FrenchConversion of saline water Use: French cookingUse: Sea water conversion CookiesConversion of waste products Dewey: 641.8654Use: Recycling Broader Term(s): BakingCookingConvertsDewey: 204; 248.2 CookingScope Note: Use for materials on converts from Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyone religion or denomination to Dewey: 641.5another. Scope Note: Use a phrase heading, e.g. FrenchSee Also: converts to a particular religion or cooking; Southern cooking; etc.,denomination, e.g. Converts to for distinctive national or regionalCatholicism [to be added as styles of cooking. For cooking as itneeded] is practiced in a particular city, state,Broader Term(s): Conversion province, etc., subdivide CookingNarrower Term(s):Converts to Catholicism geographically.Use For: Cookery; Food preparation; RecipesConverts to Catholicism See Also: types of cooking, e.g. MicrowaveGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically cooking; cooking of particularDewey: 282 countries or regions, e.g. FrenchUse For: Catholic ChurchConverts; cooking; American cooking;Catholic converts Southern cooking; etc.; and, forBroader Term(s): Catholics materials on the cooking of specificConverts foods or kinds of food, CookingConveying machinery with a subdivision for the food, e.g.Dewey: 621.8 CookingVegetables; CookingUse For: ConveyorsNatural foods; etc. [to be addedBroader Term(s): Machinery as needed]Materials handling Broader Term(s): Home economicsRelated Term(s): Hoisting machinery Narrower Term(s):Afternoon teas257'