b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsAmerican cooking CookingNatural foodsAppetizers Dewey: 641.5Baking Use For: Natural food cookingBread Related Term(s): Natural foodsBreakfasts CookingNova ScotiaCake Dewey: 641.59716Canning and preserving Broader Term(s): Canadian cookingCateringChinese cooking CookingPoultryChristmas cooking Dewey: 641.665Confectionery Broader Term(s): PoultryCookies CookingSeafoodCooking for one Dewey: 641.692Cooking for the sick Broader Term(s): SeafoodCooking for two Narrower Term(s):CookingFishDairy-free cookingDesserts CookingVegetablesDinners Dewey: 641.6Fish as food Broader Term(s): VegetablesFlavoring essences Related Term(s): SaladsFrench cooking Vegetarian cookingHoliday cookingIndian cooking Cooking for institutionsLuncheons Use: Food serviceMenus Cooking for large numbersMicrowave cooking Use: Quantity cookingOutdoor cookingPastry Cooking for onePies Dewey: 641.561Quantity cooking Broader Term(s): CookingQuick and easy cookingSalads Cooking for the sickSalt-free diet Dewey: 641.5Sandwiches Use For: Cookery for the sick; Food forSauces invalids; Invalid cookingSoups See Also: types of diets, e.g. Salt-free diet [toSouthern cooking be added as needed]Vegetarian cooking Broader Term(s): CookingWok cooking Diet in diseaseRelated Term(s): Diet NursingFood SickGastronomy Narrower Term(s):Diet therapyCookingFish Cooking for twoDewey: 641.692 Dewey: 641.561Broader Term(s): CookingSeafood Broader Term(s): CookingRelated Term(s): Fish as food Cooking utensilsCookingMaple sugar and syrup Use: Kitchen utensilsDewey: 641.6 CooksRelated Term(s): Maple sugarMaple syrup Dewey: 641.5Use For: ChefsCookingMeat Cooling appliancesDewey: 641.66Broader Term(s): Meat Use: RefrigerationCooperationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically258'