b'CostumeSee Also: types of cosmetics [to be added as Bookkeepingneeded] Cost and standard of livingBroader Term(s): Personal groomingNarrower Term(s):Perfumes Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyTheatrical makeup Dewey: 339.4Related Term(s): Toiletries Use For: Cost of living; Food, Cost of;Household finances; Standard ofCosmeticsAdvertising livingUse: AdvertisingCosmetics Broader Term(s): EconomicsCosmic rays Home economicsQuality of lifeDewey: 539.7 Social conditionsUse For: Millikan rays WealthBroader Term(s): Nuclear physics Narrower Term(s):Consumer price indexesRadiation Household budgetsRadioactivity Subsistence economySpace environment Related Term(s): PricesCosmobiology Salaries, wages, etc.Use: Space biology Cost benefit analysisCosmochemistry Use: Cost effectivenessUse: Space chemistry Cost effectivenessCosmogony Dewey: 658.15Use: Cosmology Use For: Benefit cost analysis; Cost benefitUniverse analysisBroader Term(s): EconomicsCosmography Narrower Term(s):Electric automobilesCostUse: Cosmology effectivenessUniverse Cost of livingCosmology Use: Cost and standard of livingDewey: 113; 523.1 Cost of living indexesScope Note: Use for general or theoreticalmaterials on the science or Use: Consumer price indexesphilosophy of the universe. Cost of medical careMaterials limited to the physical Use: Medical careCostsdescription of the universe areentered under Universe. CostsUse For: Cosmogony; Cosmography Use subjects with the subdivision Costs, e.g. MedicalBroader Term(s): Universe careCosts [to be added as needed]Narrower Term(s):Biblical cosmologyBig bang theory CostumeGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCosmonauts Dewey: 391; 792Use: Astronauts Scope Note: Use for materials on theCosplay characteristic costume of ethnic ornational groups and for materials onDewey: 646.4; 745.5 fancy dress and theatrical costumes.Use For: Costume play For the traditional national costumeBroader Term(s): Costume of a particular country subdividePerformance art geographically. Materials onRelated Term(s): Anime clothing and the art of dress fromFans (Persons) day to day in practical situations,Cost accounting including historical dress and theGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically clothing of various professions orDewey: 657 classes of persons, are entered underBroader Term(s): Accounting Clothing and dress. Materials on263'