b'Country lifeBroader Term(s): Christianity CounterinsurgencyChurch history1500- , Modern Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyperiod Dewey: 355.02Related Term(s): Reformation Broader Term(s): Guerrilla warfareInsurgencyCounter-terrorism CounterintelligenceUse: TerrorismPrevention Use: Intelligence serviceCounterculture CounterpointGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 781.2Dewey: 306 Broader Term(s): Composition (Music)Use For: Counter culture; Nonconformity; MusicTheorySubculture Narrower Term(s):FugueBroader Term(s): LifestylesSocial conditions CountingNarrower Term(s):Bohemianism Dewey: 513.2Drag culture Scope Note: Use for materials on counting,Punk culture including counting books. MaterialsSteampunk culture on numbers, numbering, andRelated Term(s): Alternative lifestyles systems of numeration are enteredCollective settlements under Numbers. Materials on theCommunal living conceptualization of numbers areRadicalism entered under Number concept.Counterespionage Use For: Counting booksUse: Intelligence service Broader Term(s): ArithmeticStudy and teachingNarrower Term(s):Number gamesCounterfactual histories Related Term(s): NumbersDewey: 909 Counting booksScope Note: Use for individual works, Use: Countingcollections, or materials aboutspeculative nonfiction works of Countrieshistory that present alternative Use: Nationsoutcomes of historical events andsubsequent changes in history. Country and western musicMaterials on imaginative works Use: Country musicfeaturing key changes in historical Country churchesfacts are entered under Alternative Use: Rural churcheshistories.Use For: Alternative histories (Nonfiction); Country lifeHistorical speculation; Imaginary Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyhistories; Speculative histories; Dewey: 307.72; 630What-if histories Scope Note: Use for descriptive, popular, andBroader Term(s): Creative nonfiction literary materials on living in theHistory country. Materials on socialCounterfeits and counterfeiting organization and conditions in ruralGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically communities are entered underDewey: 332; 364.1 Rural sociology.Broader Term(s): Coinage Use For: Rural lifeCrime Broader Term(s): Manners and customsForgery Narrower Term(s):AgricultureSocietiesImpostors and imposture Farm lifeMoney Mountain lifeSwindlers and swindling Plantation lifeNarrower Term(s):ArtForgeries Related Term(s): Outdoor lifeLiterary forgeries Rural sociology265'