b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsCrabs CreationDewey: 565; 595.3 Dewey: 213; 231.7Broader Term(s): Crustacea Broader Term(s): Natural theologyShellfish Related Term(s): Biblical cosmologyCrack (Drug) CreationismEvolutionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically UniverseDewey: 362.29; 615Use For: Crack cocaine Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)Broader Term(s): Cocaine Dewey: 153.3Crack babies Use For: InspirationBroader Term(s): GeniusUse: Children of drug addicts ImaginationCrack cocaine IntellectUse: Crack (Drug) InventionsNarrower Term(s):Creative writingCradle songs PlanningUse: Lullabies Related Term(s): Creative abilityCraft festivals CreationStudy and teachingUse: Craft shows Use: CreationismEvolutionStudy and teachingCraft showsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically CreationismDewey: 745 Dewey: 231.7Use For: Craft festivals Scope Note: Use for materials on the doctrineBroader Term(s): Exhibitions that the universe was created byFestivals God out of nothing in the initialRelated Term(s): Handicraft seven days of time and that allbiological species were createdCrafts (Arts) rather than evolving fromUse: Arts and crafts movement pre-existing types throughHandicraft modifications in successiveCranes, derricks, etc. generations.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Christianity and evolution; CreationDewey: 621.8Study and teaching; EvolutionUse For: Derricks and Christianity; FundamentalismBroader Term(s): Hoisting machinery and education; Fundamentalism andevolution; Scientific creationismCrank (Drug) Broader Term(s): ChristianityDoctrinesUse: Crystal meth (Drug) Related Term(s): Bible and scienceCreationCranks EvolutionUse: Eccentrics and eccentricities EvolutionStudy and teachingCrashes (Finance) Religion and scienceUse: Financial crises Creative abilityCrates Dewey: 153.3; 701; 801Use: Boxes Use For: CreativityBroader Term(s): AbilityCrayon drawing Narrower Term(s):Creative ability in businessDewey: 741.2 Creative thinkingUse For: Blackboard drawing Related Term(s): Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)Broader Term(s): Drawing Creative ability in businessRelated Term(s): Pastel drawingDewey: 650.1Crazes Broader Term(s): BusinessUse: Fads Creative ability268'