b'The Grammar of Subject Headings / SubdivisionsHistory; PeruCensus; ItalyPolitics and government; BoliviaBoundaries; Paris(France)Population; and AlaskaClimate.Many subdivisions, such as Defenses or Description and travel, are used only under geographicheadings; many subdivisions are never used under geographic headings; and others, such as Historyor Biography, are used under geographic headings exactly as they are under topical subjects.Specific instructions for the application of subdivisions are given at the general reference for thesubdivision in the List. For example, at Census in the List the general reference reads: SA [Seealso] names of countries, cities, etc., with the subdivision Census [to be added as needed]. Similarinstructions appear under Boundaries; Climate; Population; etc. Some topics that are used assubdivisions under geographic headings are applicable to countries only. The subdivision Foreignrelations, for example, can be used only under countries, since only countries have foreign relations.The instructions for applications are explicit. At Foreign relations in the List, for example, thegeneral reference reads: USE names of countries with the subdivision Foreign relations, e.g.United StatesForeign relations [to be added as needed].A list of suggested topical subdivisions that may be used under the name of any city is given in theList under Chicago (Ill.); those that may be used under the name of any state are listed under Ohio;and those that may be used under the name of any country or region, except for History furthersubdivided chronologically, are given under United States. Since each countrys history is unique,the period subdivisions for its history are also unique.A-32'