b'Cross-cultural studiesis entered under the name of the Dewey: 597.98author, artist, or composer, followed Broader Term(s): Reptilesby the title of the work. Related Term(s): AlligatorsUse For: Appraisal of books; BooksCromagnonsAppraisal; Criticism andinterpretation; Criticism, Use: Cro-Magnonsinterpretation, etc.; Evaluation of Crop dustingliterature; Literary criticism; Use: Aeronautics in agricultureLiteratureEvaluationSee Also: literature, film, and music subjects Crop reportswith the subdivision History and Use: AgricultureStatisticscriticism, e.g. English poetryCrop rotationHistory and criticism; specifickinds of criticism, e.g. Film Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallycriticism; and names of voluminous Dewey: 631.5authors and of sacred works with the Use For: Rotation of cropssubdivision Criticism, e.g. Broader Term(s): AgricultureShakespeare, William, 1564-1616 Crop spraying Criticism; BibleCriticism; Use: Aeronautics in agricultureetc. [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Aesthetics CropsLiterature Use: Farm produceRhetoric Cross cultural conflictNarrower Term(s):Art criticism Use: Culture conflictBook reviewingDramatic criticism Cross cultural studiesFeminist criticism Use: Cross-cultural studiesFilm criticismQueer theory Cross-border shoppingShakespeare, William, 1564-1616 Dewey: 339.4 Criticism Scope Note: Use for materials on theTelevision criticism phenomenon of CanadianRelated Term(s): Literary style consumers crossing theCanadian-American border to shopCriticism and interpretation in the United States.Use: Criticism Use For: Shopping south of the border Criticism, Feminist CanadaUse: Feminist criticism Broader Term(s): ShoppingCanadaCriticism, interpretation, etc. Cross-country skiingCanadaUse: Criticism Dewey: 796.93Broader Term(s): SportsCanadaCro-Magnons Cross-cultural psychologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: EthnopsychologyDewey: 569.9; 930.1Use For: Cromagnons Cross-cultural studiesBroader Term(s): Prehistoric peoples Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCrocheting Dewey: 306Dewey: 746.43 Scope Note: Use for materials on the systematicBroader Term(s): Needlework comparison of two or more culturalNarrower Term(s):Lace and lace making groups, either within the samecountry or in separate countries.Crockery Use For: Comparison of cultures; CrossUse: Pottery cultural studies; Interculturalstudies; Transcultural studiesCrocodiles See Also: topics with the subdivisionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Cross-cultural studies, e.g.273'