b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMarriageCross-cultural CRT display terminalsstudies [to be added as needed] Use: Computer monitorsBroader Term(s): Culture CRTsSocial sciences Use: Cathode ray tubesCross-dressers Crucifixion of Jesus ChristGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Jesus ChristCrucifixionDewey: 306.77Scope Note: Use for materials on persons, Crude oilespecially men, who assume the Use: Petroleumdress of the opposite sex for Crueltypsychological gratification. Dewey: 179Materials on men who impersonate Use For: Brutalitywomen for purposes of Broader Term(s): Ethicsentertainment or comic effect are Narrower Term(s):Atrocitiesentered under Female Tortureimpersonators. Materials onwomen who impersonate men for Cruelty to animalspurposes of entertainment or comic Use: Animal welfareeffect are entered under Maleimpersonators. Cruelty to childrenUse For: Crossdressers; Transvestites Use: Child abuseBroader Term(s): Persons CruisesCross-examination Use: Ocean travelUse: Witnesses CrusadesCross-stitch Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 746.44 Dewey: 909.07Broader Term(s): Embroidery Broader Term(s): Church history600-1500,Middle AgesCrossdressers Related Term(s): ChivalryUse: Cross-dressersCrushesCrossword puzzles Dewey: 152.4; 177Dewey: 793.73 Use For: Romantic crushesBroader Term(s): Puzzles Broader Term(s): FriendshipWord games LoveCrowds CrustaceaGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 565; 595.3Dewey: 302.3 See Also: names of specific crustaceans, e.g.Use For: Mobs Lobsters [to be added as needed]Narrower Term(s):Demonstrations Broader Term(s): ShellfishFlash mobs Narrower Term(s):CrabsRiot control LobstersRelated Term(s): RiotsSocial psychology CryobiologyDewey: 571.4Crown corporationsCanada Use For: Freezing; Low temperature biologyUse: Government corporationsBroader Term(s): BiologyCanada ColdCrown lands Low temperaturesUse: Public lands Narrower Term(s):ColdPhysiological effectFrozen embryosCrown landsCanada Cryogenic intermentUse: Public landsCanada Use: Cryonics274'