b'Cultivated plantsCryogenic surgery CSA (Agriculture)Use: Cryosurgery Use: Community-supportedCryogenics agricultureUse: Low temperatures CSISCryonics Use: Canadian Security IntelligenceServiceDewey: 621.5Use For: Cryogenic interment; Freezing of Cub Scoutshuman bodies; Human cold storage Use: Boy ScoutsBroader Term(s): Burial CubaCryosurgery Dewey: 972.91Dewey: 617 Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedUse For: Cryogenic surgery States except for History.Broader Term(s): ColdTherapeutic use Broader Term(s): IslandsSurgeryCubaHistoryCryotherapy Dewey: 972.91Use: ColdTherapeutic useCubaHistory1958-1959, RevolutionCryptography Dewey: 972.9106Dewey: 652Use For: Code deciphering; Code CubaHistory1959-enciphering; Secret writing Dewey: 972.9106Broader Term(s): Signs and symbols CubaHistory1961, InvasionWriting Dewey: 972.9106Related Term(s): Ciphers Use For: Bay of Pigs invasion; CubanCryptozoology invasion, 1961; Invasion of Cuba,Dewey: 001.94 1961Broader Term(s): Zoology Cuban invasion, 1961Related Term(s): Mythical animals Use: CubaHistory1961,Crystal gazing InvasionUse: Divination Cube rootCrystal meth (Drug) Dewey: 513.2Dewey: 362.29; 615 Broader Term(s): ArithmeticUse For: Crank (Drug); Ice (Drug) Cubic equationsBroader Term(s): Designer drugs Dewey: 515Methamphetamine Broader Term(s): EquationsCrystallization Cubic measurementUse: Crystals Use: Volume (Cubic content)Crystallography CubismUse: Crystals Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCrystals Dewey: 709.04; 759.06Dewey: 548 Broader Term(s): ArtUse For: Crystallization; Crystallography Cuchulain (Legendary character)See Also: types of crystals, e.g. Quartz [to be Dewey: 398.22added as needed] Broader Term(s): Legendary charactersBroader Term(s): Physical chemistrySolids Cultivated plantsNarrower Term(s):Quartz Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Minerals Dewey: 581.6; 631.5Crditistes Use For: Plants, CultivatedBroader Term(s): AgricultureUse: Social Credit Party of Canada Gardening275'