b'CurlingCanadaNarrower Term(s):Exchange of persons programs Culture conflictInterfaith relations Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 155.8; 306Cultural resources management Use For: Conflict of cultures; Cross culturalUse: Cultural propertyProtection conflict; Culture shock; FutureshockCultural tourism Broader Term(s): Ethnic relationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically EthnopsychologyDewey: 910 Race relationsUse For: Heritage tourism; Historical tourism;History tourism Culture contactBroader Term(s): Tourist trade Use: AcculturationCulturally deprived Culture shockUse: People with social disabilities Use: Culture conflictCulturally deprived children Culture, CorporateUse: Children with social disabilities Use: Corporate cultureCulturally handicapped Cuneiform inscriptionsUse: People with social disabilities Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 411Culturally handicapped children Use For: Inscriptions, CuneiformUse: Children with social disabilities Broader Term(s): InscriptionsCulture WritingDewey: 306; 909 CUPEScope Note: Use for materials on the sum total of Use: Canadian Union of Publicways of living or thinking Employeesestablished by a group of humanbeings and transmitted from one Curatesgeneration to the next, including a Use: Clergyconcern for what is regarded as Curiosities and wondersexcellent in the arts, manners, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyscholarship, etc. Dewey: 030See Also: regions, countries, states, etc., with Use For: Enigmas; Facts, Miscellaneous;the subdivisions Intellectual life; Miscellanea; Miscellaneous facts;Civilization; or Social life and Oddities; Trivia; Wonderscustoms, e.g. United StatesSee Also: subjects with the subdivisionIntellectual life; United StatesMiscellanea, e.g. Medicine Civilization; United StatesMiscellanea [to be added as needed]Social life and customs; etc. [to be Narrower Term(s):Eccentrics and eccentricitiesadded as needed] MedicineMiscellaneaNarrower Term(s):Acculturation MonstersCross-cultural studies World recordsCultural policyHumanism Curiosities and wondersCanadaIntellectual life Dewey: 031.02Language and culture Use For: Canadian miscellanea; CanadianMaterial culture triviaMulticulturalismPluralism (Social sciences) CuriosityPopular culture Dewey: 155.2Related Term(s): Anthropology Use For: Exploratory behavior;Civilization InquisitivenessEducation Broader Term(s): Human behaviorLearning and scholarship CurlingCanadaSociology Dewey: 796.964Broader Term(s): SportsCanada277'