b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsCurrency Customer relationsUse: Money Dewey: 658.8Currency devaluation Broader Term(s): BusinessPublic relationsUse: Monetary policy Narrower Term(s):Customer servicesCurrent events Customer serviceDewey: 909.82 Use: Customer servicesScope Note: Use for materials on the study andteaching of current events. Accounts Customer servicesor discussions of the events Dewey: 658.8themselves are entered under the Use For: Customer service; Service (inappropriate heading for historical industry); Service, Customer;period or history of a place. Services, Customer; TechnicalPeriodicals and yearbooks devoted serviceto current events are entered under Broader Term(s): Customer relationsHistoryPeriodicals. Customs (Tariff)Broader Term(s): Modern historyStudy andteaching Use: TariffCurrents, Electric Customs and practicesUse: Electric currents Use religions, denominations, religious orders, andreligious holidays with the subdivision Customs andCurrents, Ocean practices, e.g. JudaismCustoms and practicesUse: Ocean currents [to be added as needed]Curricula Customs, SocialUse: EducationCurricula Use: Manners and customsCurriculum development Cyber commerceUse: Curriculum planning Use: Electronic commerceCurriculum materials centers Cyber securityUse: Instructional materials centers Use: Internet securityCurriculum planning Cyber terrorismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: CyberterrorismDewey: 375 CyberbullyingUse For: Curriculum developmentBroader Term(s): EducationCurricula Dewey: 302.3Planning Broader Term(s): BulliesNarrower Term(s):Interdisciplinary approach in Computer crimeseducation CybercommerceCurtains Use: Electronic commerceUse: Draperies CyberneticsCUSO Dewey: 003Dewey: 338.91; 370.116 Use For: Automatic control; MechanicalUse For: Canadian University Services brainsOverseas Broader Term(s): CommunicationElectronicsCustody kidnapping System theoryUse: Parental kidnapping Narrower Term(s):BionicsCustody of children System analysisSystems engineeringUse: Child custodyCybersecurityCustom duties Use: Internet securityUse: TariffCybersexUse: Computer sex278'