b'Data processingDanceUnited States Danish literatureDewey: 943.704 Dewey: 839.81Dance music Scope Note: May use same subdivisions andnames of literary forms as forGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically English literature.Dewey: 781.5; 784.18 Broader Term(s): LiteratureUse For: Dances (Music) Scandinavian literatureSee Also: types of dance music, e.g., Waltzes(Music) [to be added as needed] DaoBroader Term(s): Music Use: TaoNarrower Term(s):Ballets (Music) Dark AgesBossa nova (Music)Electronic dance music Use: Middle AgesWaltzes (Music) Dark humor (Literature)Related Term(s): Calypso (Music) Use: Black humor (Literature)DanceDark matter (Astronomy)Dance music, Electronic Dewey: 523.1Use: Electronic dance music Broader Term(s): MatterDancers Dark night of the soulGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: MysticismDewey: 792.8092; 920See Also: types of dancers, e.g. Ballet Darkroom technique in photographydancers [to be added as needed] Use: PhotographyProcessingBroader Term(s): Entertainers DarwinismNarrower Term(s):African American dancers Use: EvolutionBallet dancersDances Data banksUse: Dance Use: DatabasesDances (Music) Data base designUse: Dance music Use: Database designDancing Data basesUse: Dance Use: DatabasesDancingCanada Data miningUse: DanceCanada Dewey: 006.3Use For: Mining of dataDangerous animals Broader Term(s): DatabasesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): Big dataDewey: 591.6 Data processingBroader Term(s): Animals Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Poisonous animals Dewey: 004Related Term(s): Animal attacks Use For: Automatic data processing;Dangerous materials Electronic data processingUse: Hazardous substances See Also: subjects with the subdivision Dataprocessing, e.g. Banks andDangerous occupations bankingData processing [to beUse: Hazardous occupations added as needed]Danish language Broader Term(s): ComputersDewey: 439.8 Information systemsScope Note: May be subdivided like English Narrower Term(s):Banks and bankingDatalanguage. processingBroader Term(s): Language and languages Computer graphicsNorwegian language Computer programmingScandinavian languages Database management281'