b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsDigital rights management Database managementComputer programsExpert systems (Computer Use: Database management science) Computer softwareOptical data processing Database managementComputer softwareRelated Term(s): Big data Dewey: 005.74Computer science Use For: Database managementComputerData processingDistributed processing programsDewey: 004 Broader Term(s): Computer softwareUse For: Distributed computing DatabasesNarrower Term(s):Cloud computing Dewey: 025.04Data processingKeyboarding Scope Note: Use for materials on any type ofUse: Keyboarding (Electronics) organized body of information,including written, numerical, andData retrieval visual information, not limited to aUse: Information retrieval particular subject.Use For: Data banks; Data bases; DatabanksData security See Also: subjects with the subdivisionDewey: 005.8 Databases, for materials about dataScope Note: Use for materials on protecting data files on a subject regardless of thefrom accidental or malicious access, medium of distribution, e.g.use, modification, disclosure or BusinessDatabases; subjectsdestruction. Materials on protecting with the subdivision Informationcomputer hardware or software are resources, for general materialsentered under Computer security. about information on a subject, e.g.Related Term(s): Computer security BusinessInformationData storage and retrieval systems resources; subjects with theUse: Information systems subdivision Internet resources, formaterials about informationData transmission systems available on the Internet on aDewey: 004.6; 621.38; 621.39 subject, e.g. BusinessInternetUse For: Transmission of data resources; and headings for theBroader Term(s): Telecommunication providers or the users of informationNarrower Term(s):Computer networks with the subdivision InformationE-mail services, for materials aboutFax transmission organizations that provideInstant messaging information services, e.g. UnitedStreaming technology NationsInformation services;Video telephone ConsumersInformationDatabanks services; etc. [to be added asUse: Databases needed]Broader Term(s): Information resourcesDatabase design Narrower Term(s):BusinessDatabasesDewey: 005.74 Data miningUse For: Data base design Web databasesBroader Term(s): System design Related Term(s): Big dataDatabase management Date etiquetteGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Dating (Social customs)Dewey: 005.74 Date rapeUse For: Systems, Database management Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Computer science Dewey: 362.883; 364.15Data processing Use For: Acquaintance rape; Dating violenceInformation systems Broader Term(s): Dating (Social customs)Rape282'