b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsIllumination of books and Decoration and ornament, Canadianmanuscripts Use: Decoration and ornament Illustration of books CanadaInterior design Decoration and ornament, GothicIronwork Use: Decoration and ornament Leather work Gothic styleLetteringMetalwork Decoration and ornament, RenaissanceMonograms Use: Decoration and ornament15thMosaics and 16th centuriesMural painting and decoration Decoration DayNeedlework Use: Memorial DayPicture frames and framingPottery Decorations of honorSculpture Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyShow windows Dewey: 355.1; 929.8Stencil work Use For: Badges of honor; EmblemsStucco See Also: names of medals [to be added asTable setting and decoration needed]Tapestry Related Term(s): HeraldryTerra cotta InsigniaTextile design MedalsWood carvingRelated Term(s): Handicraft Decorations, HolidayPainting Use: Holiday decorationsDecoration and ornament15th and 16th Decorative artcenturies Use: Decoration and ornamentGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Decorative artsDewey: 745.4 Decorative artsUse For: Decoration and ornament, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRenaissance; Renaissance Dewey: 745decoration and ornament Scope Note: Use for general materials on theDecoration and ornamentCanada various applied art forms havingDewey: 745.4 some utilitarian as well as decorativeUse For: Canadian decoration and ornament; purpose, including furniture,Decoration and ornament, Canadian silverware, the decoration ofbuildings, etc.Decoration and ornamentGothic style Use For: Applied arts; Art industries andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically trade; Arts, Decorative; DecorativeDewey: 745.4 art; Minor artsUse For: Decoration and ornament, Gothic; See Also: types of decorative arts [to be addedGothic decoration and ornament as needed]Decoration and ornamentUnited States Broader Term(s): ArtsDewey: 745.4 Narrower Term(s):AntiquesUse For: American decoration and ornament; Art metalworkDecoration and ornament, American Art objectsArts and crafts movementDecoration and ornament, American CalligraphyUse: Decoration and ornamentCarving (Decorative arts)United States CostumeDecoration and ornamentDecoration and ornament, Architectural DecoupageUse: Architectural decoration and Enamel and enamelingornament FabricsFurnitureGlassware286'