b'Sears List of Subject Headingsthemselves are entered under DefoliantsOrdnance or under Military Use: Herbicidesweapons. DeforestationUse For: Armaments industries; Arms sales; Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDefense industries; Military sales; Dewey: 634.9Military supplies industry; Use For: Forest depletionMunitions; Weapons industry Broader Term(s): Forests and forestryBroader Term(s): IndustriesRelated Term(s): Arms transfers DeformitiesMilitary readiness Use: Birth defectsMilitary weapons Degrees of latitude and longitudeOrdnance Use: GeodesyDefense mechanisms of animals LatitudeUse: Animal defenses LongitudeDefense mechanisms of plants Degrees, AcademicUse: Plant defenses Use: Academic degreesDefense policy Dehydrated foodsUse: Military policy Use: Dried foodsDefense readiness Dehydrated milkUse: Military readiness Use: Dried milkDefense research DeismUse: Military research Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 211Defenses Broader Term(s): ReligionUse types of defenses, e.g. Air defenses; and names of Theologycontinents, regions, countries, and individual Related Term(s): Atheismcolonies with the subdivision Defenses, e.g. United Free thoughtStatesDefenses [to be added as needed] PositivismDefenses, Radar RationalismUse: Radar defense networks TheismDeficiencies DeitiesUse: Scarcity Use: Gods and goddessesDeficit financing DejectionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Depression (Psychology)Dewey: 336.3 Delayed memoryUse For: Compensatory spending; Deficit Use: Recovered memoryspendingBroader Term(s): Public finance Delinquency, JuvenileRelated Term(s): Public debts Use: Juvenile delinquencyDeficit financingCanada DelinquentsDewey: 336.3 Use: CriminalsDeficit spending Delivery of health careUse: Deficit financing Use: Medical careDeflation (Finance) Delivery of medical careGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Medical careDewey: 332.4 Delphi (Ancient city)Broader Term(s): Finance Use: Delphi (Extinct city)Related Term(s): Inflation (Finance)Delphi (Extinct city)Dewey: 938288'