b'Denominations, ProtestantUse For: Delphi (Ancient city) Dewey: 322.4; 361.2Broader Term(s): Extinct citiesGreece Scope Note: Use for materials on publicGreeceAntiquities gatherings, marches, etc., organizedDelusions for nonviolent protest even thoughincidental disturbances or riotingUse: Hallucinations and illusions may occur.Dementia Use For: Marches (Demonstrations); ProtestDewey: 616.8 marches and rallies; Protests,Broader Term(s): BrainDiseases demonstrations, etc.; Publicdemonstrations; Rallies (Protest)Demobilization See Also: names of specific wars or otherUse names of armed forces with the subdivision objects of protest with theDemobilization, e.g. United States. Armysubdivision Protest movements, e.g.Demobilization [to be added as needed] World War, 1939-1945Protestmovements [to be added as needed]Democracy Broader Term(s): CrowdsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Public meetingsDewey: 321.8 Narrower Term(s):Civil rights demonstrationsUse For: Popular government; Hunger strikesSelf-government Occupy protest movementsBroader Term(s): Constitutional history Related Term(s): Peace movementsConstitutional law Protest movementsPolitical science RiotsNarrower Term(s):FreedomReferendum DemonstrationsCanadaSuffrage Dewey: 322.40971; 361.2Related Term(s): Equality Use For: Protests, demonstrations, etc. Representative government and Canadarepresentation DemonstrationsChicago (Ill.)RepublicsDewey: 322.409773Democratic Party (U.S.) DemonstrationsUnited StatesDewey: 324.2736Broader Term(s): Political parties Dewey: 322.40973; 361.2Democratic Republic of the Congo Demonstrations for civil rightsUse: Congo (Democratic Republic) Use: Civil rights demonstrationsDemography DenationalizationUse: Population Use: PrivatizationDemoniac possession Denatured alcoholDewey: 133.4 Dewey: 661Broader Term(s): Demonology Use For: Alcohol, Denatured; IndustrialRelated Term(s): Devil alcoholExorcism Broader Term(s): AlcoholDemonology DenmarkGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 948.9Dewey: 133.4 Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedUse For: Evil spirits States except for History.Broader Term(s): Occultism Denominational schoolsNarrower Term(s):Demoniac possession Use: Church schoolsRelated Term(s): DevilExorcism Denominations, ChristianSpirits Use: Christian sectsDemonstrations Denominations, ProtestantGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Protestant churches289'