b'Deviant behaviorNarrower Term(s):Cake Determinism and indeterminismIce cream, ices, etc. Use: Free will and determinismRelated Term(s): Chocolate Deuterium oxideDestiny Dewey: 546Use: Fate and fatalism Use For: Heavy waterBroader Term(s): ChemicalsDestitution Devaluation of currencyUse: Poverty Use: Monetary policyDestruction and pillage Developing countriesUse names of wars with the subdivision Destruction Dewey: 330.9and pillage, e.g. World War, 1939-1945Scope Note: Use for comprehensive materials onDestruction and pillage [to be added as needed] countries that are not fullyDestruction of property modernized or industrialized. ThisUse: Vandalism heading may be subdivided by thetopical subdivisions used underDestructive insects countries, regions, etc., and mayUse: Insect pests also be used as a geographicDetective and mystery comic books, strips, etc. subdivision e.g. Education Use: Mystery comic books, strips, etc. Developing countries.Use For: Less developed countries; ThirdDetective and mystery films World; Underdeveloped areasUse: Mystery films Broader Term(s): Economic conditionsIndustrializationDetective and mystery plays Narrower Term(s):New statesUse: Mystery and detective playsDeveloping countriesCommerceDetective and mystery radio programs Dewey: 338.91; 382Use: Mystery radio programs Broader Term(s): CommerceDetective and mystery stories Developing countriesEducationUse: Mystery fiction Use: EducationDevelopingDetective and mystery television programs countriesUse: Mystery television programs DevelopmentDetective comics Use: EmbryologyUse: Mystery comic books, strips, etc. EvolutionGrowth disordersDetective fiction Modernization (Sociology)Use: Mystery fiction Development, EconomicDetective stories Use: Economic developmentUse: Mystery fiction Development, Real estateDetectives Use: Real estate developmentGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Developmental psychologyDewey: 363.25092; 920 Dewey: 155Broader Term(s): Police Broader Term(s): PsychologyRelated Term(s): Criminal investigation Narrower Term(s):Attachment behaviorSecret service Life change eventsDetergent pollution of rivers, lakes, etc. Maturation (Psychology)Use: Water pollution DeviancyDetergents Use: Deviant behaviorDewey: 668 Deviant behaviorUse For: Synthetic detergents Dewey: 155.2; 302.5Broader Term(s): Cleaning compounds Use For: Deviancy; Social devianceRelated Term(s): Soap293'