b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBroader Term(s): Human behavior practices other than the corporateRelated Term(s): Conformity worship of a congregationSocial adjustment areentered under DevotionalDeviation, Sexual exercises.Use: Sexual deviation Broader Term(s): Religious literatureNarrower Term(s):Devotional calendarsDevices (Heraldry) Devotional literature for childrenUse: Heraldry MeditationsInsignia PrayersDevil Devotional literature for childrenDewey: 235 Dewey: 242Use For: Satan Broader Term(s): Devotional literatureRelated Term(s): Demoniac possession Devotional theologyDemonology Use: Devotional exercisesDevils Triangle PrayerUse: Bermuda Triangle DevotionsDevotion Use: Devotional exercisesUse: Prayer Dewey Decimal ClassificationWorship Dewey: 025.4Devotional calendars Use For: Classification, Dewey DecimalDewey: 242 Broader Term(s): Library classificationUse For: Christian devotional calendars; DiabetesDaily readings (Spiritual exercises); Dewey: 616.4Devotional exercises (Daily Broader Term(s): Diseasesreadings)Broader Term(s): Calendars DiagnosisDevotional literature Dewey: 616.07Devotional exercises Use For: Medical diagnosis; SymptomsDewey: 242; 248.3 Broader Term(s): MedicineScope Note: Use for general materials on acts of Narrower Term(s):Body temperatureprivate prayer and private worship Clinical chemistryand for materials on religious Electrocardiogrampractices other than the corporate Magnetic resonance imagingworship of a congregation. Materials Painon the religious literature used as Prenatal diagnosisaids in devotional exercisesare Related Term(s): Pathologyentered under Devotional Diagnostic chemistryliterature. Use: Clinical chemistryUse For: Devotional theology; Devotions; Diagnostic imagingFamily devotions; Family prayersBroader Term(s): Worship Dewey: 616.07Narrower Term(s):Meditation Use For: Clinical imaging; MedicalRelated Term(s): Prayer diagnostic imagingBroader Term(s): PathologyDevotional exercises (Daily readings) Dialect literatureUse: Devotional calendarsDewey: 800Devotional literature Scope Note: Use for individual works,Dewey: 242 collections, or materials about formsScope Note: Use for materials on the religious of literature that incorporate theliterature used as aids in devotional language and speech patterns of aexercises. General materials on acts specific region or social group intoof private prayer and private the dialogue or narration.worship and materials on religious Broader Term(s): Literature294'