b'Diesel enginesDialectical materialism Dictionaries, ClassicalDewey: 335.4 Use: Classical dictionariesUse For: Historical materialism Dictionaries, Machine readableBroader Term(s): CommunismSocialism Use: Machine readable dictionariesRelated Term(s): Marxism Dictionaries, MultilingualDialectics Use: Polyglot dictionariesUse: Logic Dictionaries, PictureDialects Use: Picture dictionariesUse names of languages with the subdivision Dialects, Dictionaries, Polyglote.g. English languageDialects [to be added as Use: Polyglot dictionariesneeded]Didactic dramaDiamonds Dewey: 808.82Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Scope Note: Use for individual works,Dewey: 553.8 collections, or materials aboutBroader Term(s): Carbon didactic drama.Precious stones Broader Term(s): DramaDiaries Didactic fictionDewey: 808; 920 Dewey: 808.3; 808.83Scope Note: Use for collections of diaries from Scope Note: Use for individual works,various countries and for materials collections, or materials aboutabout diaries in general. didactic fiction.Use For: Journals (Diaries) Use For: Cautionary tales and verses; MoralSee Also: diaries of particular countries, e.g. and philosophic stories; MoralityAmerican diaries; and classes of storiespersons, ethnic groups, and names Broader Term(s): Fictionof individual persons and families Related Term(s): Fableswith the subdivision Diaries [to be Parablesadded as needed]Broader Term(s): Literature Didactic poetryNarrower Term(s):American diaries Dewey: 808.1; 808.81Blogs Scope Note: Use for individual works,Journaling collections, or materials aboutRelated Term(s): Autobiographies didactic poetry.Use For: Cautionary tales and versesDiaspora, African Broader Term(s): PoetryUse: African diaspora Related Term(s): FablesDiaspora, Jewish ParablesUse: Jewish diaspora Dies (Metalworking)Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane Dewey: 621.9; 671.2Use: DDT (Insecticide) Broader Term(s): MetalworkDictators Diesel automobilesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 920 Dewey: 629.222Broader Term(s): Heads of state Use For: Diesel carsTotalitarianism Broader Term(s): AutomobilesDictionaries Diesel carsUse: Encyclopedias and dictionaries Use: Diesel automobilesDictionaries, Biographical Diesel enginesUse: BiographyDictionaries Dewey: 621.43Broader Term(s): EnginesInternal combustion engines295'