b'DisastersSelling Narrower Term(s):Movement disordersNarrower Term(s):Mail-order business Disability income insurancePeddlers and peddlingTelemarketing Use: Disability insuranceRelated Term(s): Direct marketing Disability insuranceDirect taxation Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Taxation Dewey: 368.38Use For: Disability income insurance;Direction (Theater) Insurance, DisabilityUse: TheaterProduction and Broader Term(s): Insurancedirection Disability lawDirection sense Use: People with disabilitiesLegalDewey: 152.1; 912 status, laws, etc.Use For: Orientation; Sense of direction DisabledNarrower Term(s):Left and right (Direction)Related Term(s): Navigation Use: People with disabilitiesOrienteering Disabling conditionsDirectories Use: DisabilitiesDewey: 910.25 DisadvantagedScope Note: Use for materials about directories Use: People with social disabilitiesand for bibliographies of directories.See Also: subjects and names of countries, Disadvantaged childrencities, etc., with the subdivision Use: Children with social disabilitiesDirectories, for lists of persons,organizations, objects, etc., together Disadvantaged studentswith addresses or other identifying Use: At risk studentsdata [to be added as needed] DisappointmentNarrower Term(s):Chicago (Ill.)Directories Dewey: 152.4Junior collegesDirectories Broader Term(s): EmotionsOhioDirectoriesPhysiciansDirectories DisarmamentUnited StatesDirectories Use: Arms controlDirectoriesTelephone Disaster preparednessUse names of cities with the subdivision Telephone Use: Disaster reliefdirectories, e.g. Chicago (Ill.)Telephone Disaster reliefdirectories [to be added as needed]Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDirectors Dewey: 363.34Use types of producers and directors in specific media, Use For: Disaster preparedness; Emergencye.g. Motion picture producers and directors; preparedness; Emergency reliefTheatrical producers and directors; etc. [to be Broader Term(s): Charitiesadded as needed] Humanitarian interventionPublic welfareDirectory, French, 1795-1799 Narrower Term(s):Evacuation of civiliansUse: FranceHistory1789-1799, Food reliefRevolutionDisastersDirigible balloons Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Airships Dewey: 904Disabilities Use For: Catastrophes; EmergenciesDewey: 362.1 See Also: types of disasters [to be added asUse For: Disabling conditions; Handicaps; needed]Impairment; Physical disabilities Narrower Term(s):FiresBroader Term(s): Diseases Natural disastersWounds and injuries Railroad accidents299'