b'Some Difficult Areas of Application / Nationalitiesor more disabled persons constitute the category People with disabilities, but a single person cannever constitute a category. Entering individual biographies under categories of persons violates theprinciple of specific entry. The only heading that is neither broader nor narrower but is co-extensivein scope with the subject content of the work is the personal name heading for the person writtenabout. See also references can be made, if such references are deemed useful, from a category ofpersons to the names of individuals about whom the library has material. At the heading AfricanAmerican women authors, for example, one would then find any books that are really aboutAfrican American women authors, followed by a reference: See also Angelou, Maya; McMillan,Terry; Morrison, Toni, etc. Increasingly, in an online environment, tagging or bookmarking isused to identify examples of things. Tag are typically flexible and uncontrolled and serve localneeds. As such they can be inconsistent without compromising the essential integrity of the catalog.NATIONALITIESAn aspect of subject headings fraught with confusion is that of nationalities. Even though someheadings are given national adjectives, the general rule is that the national aspects of subjects areexpressed by geographic subdivisions under the topical subject headings. Headings for things thatare always stationary are never given national adjectives but are instead subdivided geographically,such as ArchitectureFrance. Things that are not stationary are also usually expressed as topicalheadings with a geographic subdivision, such as AutomobilesGermany or Corporations Japan. When those things are replicated or transported to foreign countries, however, they are givennational adjectives to express national style, ownership, or origin, and subdivided by the placewhere they are found, such as German automobilesUnited States or Japanese corporations France.Headings for topics in literature and the arts are given national adjectives to express nationalcharacter, such as American literature, Spanish art, etc. These headings may then be subdividedgeographically by any place except for the country expressed in the national adjective. AmericanliteratureSouthern States is therefore allowable, but not Spanish artSpain.In the area of people, all headings for categories of persons are subdivided geographically in theSears List with the exception of Authors, Novelists, Dramatists, and Poets, which are givennational adjectives. All other categories of writers, such as Biographers, Journalists, etc., aresubdivided geographically. A collective biography of American poets would be entered underAmerican poetsBiography, but a collective biography of American composers or journalistswould be given the heading ComposersUnited StatesBiography or JournalistsUnitedStatesBiography. When a book deals with a category of persons from one country living orworking in a foreign country, such as American composers in France, the book requires two subjectstrings rather than one, in this case ComposersUnited States and AmericansFrance.A-35'