b'Diversity in the workplaceDisplaced persons University extensionUse: Political refugees Related Term(s): Web-based instructionRefugeesDisposal of medical waste Distance learningUse: Medical wastes Use: Distance educationDisposal of refuse DistillationUse: Refuse and refuse disposal Dewey: 641.2; 663Use For: StillsDispute settlement Broader Term(s): Analytical chemistryUse: Conflict management Industrial chemistryTechnologyDissection Narrower Term(s):Essences and essential oilsDewey: 570.2 Related Term(s): AlcoholNarrower Term(s):FrogsDissection LiquorsDissent Distracted drivingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 303.48; 361.2 Dewey: 363.12Use For: Nonconformity; Protest Use For: Driving while distractedBroader Term(s): Freedom of conscience Broader Term(s): Automobile driversFreedom of religion Distraction (Psychology)Related Term(s): ConformityDistraction (Psychology)Dissenters Dewey: 153.7Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Divided attentionDewey: 320.5 Broader Term(s): PerceptionUse For: Dissidents Narrower Term(s):Distracted drivingBroader Term(s): Persons Related Term(s): AttentionNarrower Term(s):RevolutionariesDistributed computingDissertations Use: Data processingDistributedDewey: 378.2; 808 processingScope Note: Use for materials about academictheses and dissertations. Distribution (Economics)Use For: Academic dissertations; Use: CommerceDissertations, Academic; Doctoral Marketingtheses; Theses Distribution of animals and plantsBroader Term(s): Research Use: BiogeographyDissertations, Academic Distribution of wealthUse: Dissertations Use: EconomicsDissidents WealthUse: Dissenters Distribution, CooperativeDistance education Use: CooperationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically District librariesDewey: 371.35 Use: Regional librariesScope Note: Use for materials on the variousforms of long-distance instruction, District schoolsusually in the field of adult Use: Rural schoolseducation, made possible by written,audiovisual, or electronic Districting (in city planning)communication between a student Use: Zoningand a teacher. Diversified corporationsUse For: Distance learning Use: Conglomerate corporationsBroader Term(s): EducationNarrower Term(s):Correspondence schools and Diversity in the workplacecourses Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically303'