b'Documentary filmsBroader Term(s): Single people Doctor radio programsNarrower Term(s):Divorced fathers Use: Medical drama (Radio programs)Divorced men Doctor television programsDivorced mothers Use: Medical drama (TelevisionDivorced parents programs)Divorced womenRelated Term(s): Divorce Doctor-assisted suicideUse: Assisted suicideDivorced personsUse: Divorced people Doctoral thesesUse: DissertationsDivorced womenGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically DoctorsDewey: 306.893 Use: PhysiciansBroader Term(s): Divorced people Doctors degreesSingle women Use: Academic degreesDJs (Disc jockeys) Doctrinal theologyUse: Disc jockeys Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDNA Dewey: 202; 230Dewey: 572.8 Use For: Dogmatic theology; Dogmatics;Use For: Deoxyribonucleic acid Systematic theology; Theology,Broader Term(s): Cells DoctrinalHeredity See Also: names of religions or individualNucleic acids denominations with the subdivisionNarrower Term(s):Recombinant DNA Doctrines, e.g. Christianity Doctrines; JudaismDoctrines;DNA cloning etc., and religious topics with theUse: Molecular cloning subdivision History of doctrines,DNA fingerprinting e.g. SalvationHistory ofDewey: 614 doctrines [to be added as needed]Use For: DNA fingerprints; DNA Broader Term(s): Theologyidentification; DNA profiling; Narrower Term(s):Christian heresiesGenetic fingerprinting; Genetic ChristianityDoctrinesfingerprints; Genetic profiling CreedsBroader Term(s): Identification Grace (Theology)Medical jurisprudence Human beings (Theology)JudaismDoctrinesDNA fingerprints SalvationUse: DNA fingerprinting SalvationHistory of doctrinesDNA identification Doctrine of fairness (Broadcasting)Use: DNA fingerprinting Use: Fairness doctrine (Broadcasting)DNA profiling DoctrinesUse: DNA fingerprinting Use names of religions or individual denominationsDocks with the subdivision Doctrines, e.g. Christianity Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Doctrines; JudaismDoctrines; etc. [to be addedDewey: 386; 387.1; 627 as needed]Broader Term(s): Hydraulic structures Documentaries (Motion pictures)Marinas Use: Documentary filmsRelated Term(s): HarborsDocumentary filmsDoctor films Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Medical drama (Films) Dewey: 070.1Doctor novels Scope Note: Use for individual works,Use: Medical novels collections, or materials aboutdocumentary films.305'