b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPrefabricated houses Family life educationSolar homes MarriageRelated Term(s): Houses Domestic terrorismDomestic architectureDesigns and plans Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 728 Dewey: 363.325Use For: Home designs; House plans Broader Term(s): TerrorismBroader Term(s): ArchitectureDesigns and plans Domestic violenceDomestic economic assistance Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 362.82Dewey: 338.9 Use For: Family violence; HouseholdUse For: Anti-poverty programs; Antipoverty violenceprograms; Economic assistance; Broader Term(s): ViolenceEconomic assistance, Domestic; Narrower Term(s):Child abusePoor relief Elderly abuseBroader Term(s): Economic policy Husband abuseNarrower Term(s):Community development Wife abuseGovernment lending Related Term(s): Violence against womenPublic works Domestic workersSubsidiesTransfer payments Use: Household employeesRelated Term(s): Grants-in-aid DomesticationPoverty Use: Domestic animalsUnemployedDomestic economic assistanceCanada Dominion Day (Canada)Use: Canada DayDewey: 338.971Use For: Anti-poverty programsCanada; Dominion of the seaEconomic assistanceCanada; Use: Sea powerPoor reliefCanadaNarrower Term(s):SubsidiesCanada Dominion-municipal relationsRelated Term(s): Grants-in-aidCanada Use: Federal-city relationsCanadaDomestic fiction Dominion-provincial relationsDewey: 808.83 Use: Federal-provincial relationsScope Note: Use for individual works, Dominions, Britishcollections, or materials about works Use: Commonwealth countriesof fiction that focus on the home andfamily life. Donation of organs, tissues, etc.Broader Term(s): Fiction Dewey: 362.1Domestic finance Use For: Organ donation; Tissue donationBroader Term(s): GiftsUse: Household budgets Related Term(s): Transplantation of organs, tissues,Personal finance etc.Domestic product, Gross DonationsUse: Gross domestic product Use: GiftsDomestic relations DoomsdayGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Judgment DayDewey: 346.01Use For: Family relations Doomsday bookBroader Term(s): Interpersonal relations Use: Domesday bookNarrower Term(s):Desertion and nonsupportVisitation rights (Domestic Door to door sellingrelations) Use: Peddlers and peddlingRelated Term(s): Divorce DoorsFamily Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically308'