b'DramaDewey: 721 Use For: Draft dodgers; Draft evadersBroader Term(s): ArchitectureDetails See Also: names of wars with the subdivisionBuildings Draft resisters [to be added asDouble consciousness needed]Narrower Term(s):World War, 1939-1945DraftUse: Multiple personality resistersDoubt Related Term(s): Conscientious objectorsUse: Belief and doubt DraftMilitary desertionDoukhobors Drafting, MechanicalDewey: 289.9Use For: Dukhobors Use: Mechanical drawingBroader Term(s): Religious refugeesCanada Drag cultureDown syndrome Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 616.85 Dewey: 306.77Use For: Downs syndrome Broader Term(s): CountercultureBroader Term(s): Mental retardation Narrower Term(s):Female impersonatorsMale impersonatorsDowns syndrome Drag kingsUse: Down syndromeUse: Male impersonatorsDownsizing of organizations Drag queensGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 658.1 Use: Female impersonatorsUse For: Corporate downsizing; DragonsOrganizational downsizing; Dewey: 398.24Organizational retrenchment; Broader Term(s): AnimalsFolkloreRetrenchment of organizations FolkloreBroader Term(s): Organizational change MonstersRelated Term(s): EmployeesDismissal Mythical animalsDracula, Count (Fictional character) DrainageDewey: 823 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Count Dracula (Fictional character) Dewey: 631.6Broader Term(s): Fictional characters Scope Note: Use for materials on land drainage.Draft Materials on house drainage areGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically entered under House drainage.Dewey: 355.2 Use For: Land drainageUse For: Compulsory military service; Broader Term(s): Agricultural engineeringConscription, Military; Military Civil engineeringconscription; Military draft; Military Hydraulic engineeringservice, Compulsory; Military Municipal engineeringtraining, Universal; Selective Reclamation of landservice; Universal military training Sanitary engineeringBroader Term(s): Armies Related Term(s): SewerageMilitary law Drainage, HouseRecruiting and enlistment Use: House drainageRelated Term(s): Draft resistersDraft dodgers DramaDewey: 808.2; 808.82Use: Draft resisters Scope Note: Use for general materials on drama,Draft evaders not for individual works. MaterialsUse: Draft resisters on the history and criticism of dramaas literature are entered underDraft resisters DramaHistory and criticism.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Materials on criticism of drama asDewey: 355.2 presented on the stage are entered309'