b'Sears List of Subject Headingsunder Dramatic criticism. Stage adaptationsMaterials on the presentation of Television playsplays are entered under Acting; TragediesAmateur theater; or TheaterTragedyProduction and direction. TragicomedyCollections of plays are entered Related Term(s): Dramatic criticismunder DramaCollections; TheaterAmerican dramaCollections; DramaCollectionsEnglish dramaCollections; etc. Dewey: 808.82Use For: Stage Scope Note: Use for collections of plays bySee Also: subjects, historical events, names of several authors.countries, cities, etc., ethnic groups, Use For: Playsclasses of persons, and names ofindividual persons with the DramaHistory and criticismsubdivision Drama, to express the Dewey: 809.2theme or subject content of Scope Note: Use for materials on criticism ofcollections of plays, e.g. Easterdrama as a literary form. MaterialsDrama; United StatesHistory on criticism of drama as presented 1861-1865, Civil Waron the stage are entered underDrama; Napoleon I, Emperor of Dramatic criticism.the French, 1769-1821Drama; Narrower Term(s):English dramaHistory andetc. [to be added as needed] criticismBroader Term(s): Literature Related Term(s): Dramatic criticismNarrower Term(s):ActingAmerican drama DramaTechniqueBallet Dewey: 808.2Childrens plays Use For: Play writing; PlaywritingChoral speaking Broader Term(s): AuthorshipClassical drama Narrower Term(s):Motion picture plays College and school drama TechniqueComedies Radio playsTechniqueComedy Television playsTechniqueDidactic drama Drama in educationDrama in education Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDramatists Dewey: 372.66English drama Broader Term(s): DramaFolk drama Related Term(s): ActingGreek drama Amateur theaterHistorical drama College and school dramaHorror plays School assembly programsIndian dramaMasks (Plays) Drama reviewsMelodrama Use: TheaterReviewsMorality playsMystery and detective plays Dramatic artNapoleon I, 1769-1821 (Emperor Use: Actingof the French)Drama Dramatic criticismOne act plays Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyOpera Dewey: 792.9Pantomimes Scope Note: Use for materials on criticism ofPastoral drama drama as presented on the stage.Puppets and puppet plays Materials on criticism of drama as aRadio plays literary form are entered underReligious drama DramaHistory and criticism;Science fiction plays American dramaHistory andScreenplays criticism; etc.Soliloquies310'