b'DreamsUse For: Theater criticism Use For: Drawings; SketchingBroader Term(s): Criticism See Also: drawing of particular countries, e.g.Related Term(s): Drama American drawing [to be added asDramaHistory and criticism needed]Theater Broader Term(s): ArtDramatic music Graphic artsNarrower Term(s):American drawingUse: Musicals Architectural drawingOpera Artistic anatomyOperetta Charcoal drawingDramatic plots Commercial artUse: Stories, plots, etc. Crayon drawingFigure drawingDramatic production Geometrical drawingUse names of dramatists with the subdivision Dramatic Graphic methodsproduction, e.g. Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 Landscape drawing Dramatic production [to be added as needed] Map drawingMechanical drawingDramatists Pastel drawingDewey: 809.2; 920 Pen drawingScope Note: Use for materials on the personal Pencil drawinglives of several playwrights, not Shades and shadowslimited to a single national literature. Topographical drawingMaterials dealing with their literary Related Term(s): Illustration of bookswork are entered under DramaPaintingHistory and criticism; English PerspectivedramaHistory andcriticism;etc. Drawing materialsUse For: Playwrights Use: Artists materialsSee Also: dramatists of particular countries, Drawing, Americane.g. American dramatists [to be Use: American drawingadded as needed]Broader Term(s): Authors Drawing, CanadianDrama Use: Canadian drawingNarrower Term(s):American dramatistsDrawingsDramatists, American Use: DrawingUse: American dramatistsDrawn workDramatists, Canadian Dewey: 746.44Use: Canadian dramatists Broader Term(s): EmbroideryDramatists, French Canadian NeedleworkUse: Canadian dramatists (French) Narrower Term(s):Hardanger needleworkDraperies Dream interpretationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: DreamsDewey: 645; 684 DreamingUse For: Curtains; Drapery Use: DreamsBroader Term(s): Interior designUpholstery DreamsDewey: 154.6Drapery Use For: Dream interpretation; DreamingUse: Draperies Broader Term(s): VisionsDraughts Narrower Term(s):FantasyUse: Checkers Related Term(s): SleepSubconsciousnessDrawingDewey: 741; 743311'