b'Drought-tolerant plantsBroader Term(s): Age Driverless vehiclesTeenagersAlcohol use Use: Autonomous vehiclesYouthAlcohol use Drivers licensesDrinking ageCanada Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 344.71; 363.4 Dewey: 353.9; 629.28Use For: CanadaDrinking age Use For: Automobile drivers licenses;AutomobilesDrivers licenses;Drinking and employees Motor vehiclesDrivers licensesUse: EmployeesAlcohol use Broader Term(s): Safety regulationsDrinking and teenagers Drivers, AutomobileUse: TeenagersAlcohol use Use: Automobile driversDrinking and youth Driving under the influence of alcoholUse: YouthAlcohol use Use: Drunk drivingDrinking in the workplace Driving while distractedUse: EmployeesAlcohol use Use: Distracted drivingDrinking of alcoholic beverages Driving while intoxicatedGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Drunk drivingDewey: 178; 363.4; 394.1; 613.81 DRM (Digital rights management)Scope Note: Use for materials on drinking in its Use: Digital rights managementsocial aspects and as a socialproblem. DromedariesUse For: Alcohol consumption; Alcohol use; Use: CamelsAlcoholic beverage consumption;Consumption of alcoholic Drone aircraftbeverages; Drinking problem; Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyLiquor problem; Social drinking Dewey: 629.133See Also: classes of persons and ethnic groups Use For: Drones (Aircraft); Remotely pilotedwith the subdivision Alcohol use, aircraft; UAVs (Unmanned aeriale.g. EmployeesAlcohol use; vehicles); Unmanned aerial vehiclesYouthAlcohol use; etc. [to be Broader Term(s): Remotely piloted vehiclesadded as needed] Drones (Aircraft)Narrower Term(s):Drunk driving Use: Drone aircraftRelated Term(s): Alcoholic beveragesAlcoholism Drop forgingTemperance Use: ForgingDrinking problem DropoutsUse: Alcoholism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDrinking of alcoholic beverages Dewey: 371.2Drinking water Use For: College dropouts; ElementaryGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically school dropouts; High schoolDewey: 363.6; 628.1 dropouts; School dropouts; StudentUse For: Potable water; Tap water dropouts; Teenage dropoutsBroader Term(s): Water Broader Term(s): StudentsWater supply YouthRelated Term(s): At risk studentsDrinks Educational counselingUse: Alcoholic beverages School attendanceBeverages Drought-resistant plantsLiquors Use: Drought-tolerant plantsDriver education Drought-tolerant plantsUse: Automobile driver education Dewey: 581.7; 635.9313'