b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsRelated Term(s): Drug abuse Materials on the use of drugs byDrug therapy criminals are entered underMateria medica CriminalsDrug use.Pharmacology Use For: Crime and drugs; Crime andDrugsAbuse narcotics; Narcotics and crimeBroader Term(s): CrimeUse: Drug abuse DrugsDrugsAdulteration and analysis Narrower Term(s):Drug trafficUse: Pharmacology Related Term(s): CriminalsDrug useDrugsChemistry Drugs and criminalsUse: Pharmaceutical chemistry Use: CriminalsDrug useDrugsGeneric substitution Drugs and employeesUse: Generic drugs Use: EmployeesDrug useDrugsLaw and legislation Drugs and sportsDewey: 615 Use: AthletesDrug useNarrower Term(s):Drug legalization Drugs and teenagersDrugsMisuse Use: TeenagersDrug useUse: Drug abuse Drugs and youthDrugsPhysiological effect Use: YouthDrug useDewey: 615; 616.86 Drugs in the workplaceScope Note: Use for materials limited to the Use: EmployeesDrug useeffect of drugs on the functions ofliving organisms. Drugs, NonprescriptionUse For: Drug abusePhysiological effect Use: Nonprescription drugsSee Also: names of drugs with the subdivisionPhysiological effect [to be added as Drugstoresneeded] Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Pharmacology Dewey: 381Narrower Term(s):OpiumPhysiological effect Scope Note: Use for materials on businessestablishments that sell drugs.DrugsPsychological aspects Materials on the art or practice ofDewey: 615; 616.86 preparing, preserving, andBroader Term(s): Applied psychology dispensing drugs are entered underDrugsTesting Pharmacy.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Chemists shops; Drug stores;Dewey: 363.19 PharmaciesScope Note: Use for materials on the testing of Broader Term(s): Retail tradedrugs for safety or effectiveness. StoresMaterials on testing to identify the Druids and Druidismpersonal use or misuse or drugs are Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyentered under Drug testing. Dewey: 299Use For: Clinical drug trials; Clinical trials of Broader Term(s): Celtsdrugs ReligionsBroader Term(s): Consumer protectionPharmacology DrumUse: DrumsDrugs and crimeGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Drum majoringDewey: 364.1 Dewey: 784.9; 791.6Scope Note: Use for general materials on the Broader Term(s): Bands (Music)relationship of drugs and crime. Related Term(s): Baton twirlingMaterials on the illicit drug trade are Drumsentered under Drug traffic. Dewey: 786.9316'